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  1. I have two females that i plan to keep as mothers, i want to begin taking clones very soon, but i am unsure just how much light is needed to maintain 2 mothers, and 5-10 clones at a time? I plan to use cfl's for heat issues, and want to put the clones under 12/12 as soon as they are rooted. I want to take clones every week or two, and begin a SOG set up. how much light is my last thing really holding me back. Thanks!
  2. rule is 100watts for your first plant then 50watts for the ones arund it.

    so 5 plants youd need 50watts on each plant.
  3. i thought that clones didnt need very much light when they are rooting?
  4. As long as it's daylight spec 6500k CFL's, each couple of plants can share a 30w and still get short, healthy growth, especially if you aren't vegging them at all. You sure you don't wanna give them a week in veg? Might double your yield from 1/4 to 1/2.
  5. If i do veg then then it will have to be under the same lights as used for the clones and wouldnt have a lot of watts, but i may give it a try and see. Im finishing my mother/clone area today, and plan to try taking my first clones tomorrow if all goes as planned. Thanks Kamel, you've been a huge inspiration for me to grow after reading your cfl guide.
  6. listen to kamel he knows his Cfls, in my clone chamber which is about 1 foot allt he way around and up is hanging a 26 watt 6500k bulb and it works great! i have clones and some Lr2 experiments going in there now.
  7. I highly recommend using the Bonsai-Mum method as it keeps your plant tiny (less light) and maximizes the number of clones you can get as well. seems to be one repository of this information. I have pretty much the same information myself from various sources. Excellent for conserving space, maximizing clones and minimizing light requirements. :)
  8. Something about the 6500k lights keeps the plants from stretching, yet they continue to grow new nodes which are what equates to more buds. This means that one light that you cloned with will still throw enough light to the bottom of the plant after 1 or 2 weeks of veg, which is what it's all about with CFL's, keeping the distance from the bulb as small as possible. And I'm really glad I could help get you started, just remember to be safe and silent!

  9. what about a cool(6500k) and warm combination at the same wattage?

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