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  1. This is a concept I've been thinking about for a long time. I want to have a semi-large cabinet for mothers from all strains I've ever cultivated. As simple as during each grow, I will take one clone from a female plant of each strain and keep them as short and squat as possible, like a bonsai tree. Then I can harvest multiple strains of bud from clones i take off of those mothers all year round. Over time my collection of mothers will grow and I'll need to make a bigger cabinet. Harvesting any bud is appealing to me, but harvesting five (or more) varieties in nearly the same time frame really toots my horn;) .
    I'll be buying a new desk soon and I'll be looking for one with a large drawer or cabinet that locks. When I have the desk set up I'll buy an HPS light with wattage depending on how much space there is to work with and how much ventilation I can set up.
    I was also thinking, if it is possible to keep plants in vegetative forever (or atleast until I make a mistake somehow leading to doom), is dirt an acceptable medium? Hydroponics is a bit out of my league at this point and I'm a little overwhelmed. It would probably be the better choice of the two mediums, becausee I think the root system would be a monster after a few years in the vegetative stage. If I decide to use dirt, I'll still have them on a nutrient schedule. I'll have to do some research into that since I have no knowledge of nutrients whatsoever besides Nitrogen Phosophorus and Potassium...
    I just want to have a few bonsai style plants of different strains living for years in my cabinet, that I can take clones from whenever I want, and use for multiple seasons. Does this goal sound farfetched to anybody? Would the age of the mother plant affect the potency/yield/vigor of the clones? Any answers are appreciated.


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