Mother Bear kills cub then self at chinese farm

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  1. Mother bear kills cub and then itself

    Personally, I would like other reports from more valid sources.. But I certainly believe this to be true.

    Very disturbing story. Humans are the true savages on this planet if you ask me.
  2. Made me sad...sleep time goodnight..
  3. I don't think this is real.
  4. If thats real , and i believe it is. That is ridiculously fucked up
  5. Can't be real since the article writer used the phrase "couldn't bear the pain"
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    But isn't the article originally Chinese? Perhaps this is just a translation error. Personally I think this could be true. The maternal instinct is a scientifically proven phenomena.
  7. Or maybe the writer is a heartless bear hater and inserted the pun purposely haha
  8. oh, that's so terrible. *flushofhateforsociety*
  9. heres a vid of the practice ....[ame=]Chinas Cruel Act Called Bear Bile Farming - YouTube[/ame]

    this is a vid of a cow with a hole in its stomach to get the eaten food out...
    [ame=]Hole-y Cow! - YouTube[/ame]

    have a good night
  10. Asians are vile un-earthly beings with limited morals. Each and every one of them can snap at a moments notice.

    They get a sick pleasure out of torturing animals. It's well documented.
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    Thank you for being racist. Have a nice day
  12. That's sooo fucked if it's real
  13. Not to be hateful on the Chinese and other Asian countries but Im gonna hate a little bit....

    Its ridiculous how they keep these animals locked up like that. And anyone who has seen the Tiger Farms documentary on the current channel knows what Im talking about. Keeping and poaching Tigers which are endangered and butchering them for there so called "medicinal" purposes. Shit pisses me off like is Tiger bone wine, or Bear Bile really going to cure anything? They obviously don't care about the animals if they are doing this to them. /rant

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    You'd be surprised at how effective these medicines can be. Do you really think these facilities would be allowed to do these procedures for no reason? They are allowed because this shit does work, even though it's fucked up for the animals.
  16. maybe the pun wasn't intended haha
    but ythis is sad nonetheless

  17. :(....
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  19. After studying the history of asia, this doesn't surprise me at all. Think of all the now undiscovered dinosaurs the chinese have grinded up for medicine since the beginning of time. Religious practice really is the antithesis of science.

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