Mother bear kills cub then self at Chinese bile farm

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  1. That's terrible. I didn't know animals would (or even could,) do such a thing.

    Mother bear kills cub then self at Chinese bile farm | This Dish Is Veg - Vegan, Animal Rights, Eco-friendly News
  2. I am biased, because I've loved bears since I was very young.

    But there is almost nothing on this earth that pisses me off more than the Asian cultures that kill bears for their bile and dick-bones. Male bears have a bone in their dick that they grind up to use as an aphrodisiac. Many, many grizzlies and polar bears are poached every year to just cut off the dick bone, drain the bile, and use the paws for soup.

    I swear to fuck I would beat the SHIT out of a dumb asshole who consumes such products. :mad: :mad: :mad: I rage I lose
  3. ^you would think this day n age people would stop it with the quakery. but thats fucked up.
  4. its like the momma bear knew...that is insane.
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    They're so incredibly smart; everything is anecdotal because we don't have a standardised test that can be applied to all species, but I'd rank a grizzer bear just barely behind the great apes and whales/dolphins.

    Shit makes me so sad to see how people still just kill them for 3 body parts and leave a rotting carcase for the cubs to weep beside :mad: yeah dramatic but I'm stoned and this story really really pissed me off gah

    EDIT: I dunno where it is on the internet but they were doing a study in Yellowstone. There, the grizzly bears are much isolated genetically because of all the development around the island of a park. And while it's not possible for them to start evolving in the classic sense in just a few generations, they've observed a notable increase in the % of brain volume that is cortex in the recent generations of bears killed and necropsied in the park. They're getting smarter, because they must. They're beset by dangers on the Yellowstone 'island', and they're adapting. I'm not scientist, just a bear fan...but it was an amazing read. I'll try to find it.
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  7. troll status: unsuccessful

    lol tho
  8. That's fucking terrible.:cry:
  9. That was kinda funny tho I gotta admit it

    In dictatorship China bear is totured into having inteligece to put bear cub and self out of misery.

    In dictatorship China bear bile eat you as delicacy :mad:
  11. It just goes to show you how smart animals really are. We shouldn't be keeping them caged up for any reason. If we need to keep animals in a zoo for conservation purposes then they should be getting the best possible care they can. It's sick that they would do this for such a stupid reason.

  12. Could you repeat in English?
  13. I find it hard to hate China because I love Asian women so much, but this is fucking wrong and everybody knows it.
  14. wow...fuck that shit
  15. That is fucked up.
  16. Disgusting.

    I hate their stupid shark finning too. Fuck. Where's the decency?

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  18. I think this is a made up story, that article you posted wreaks of self-righteous peta freaks and simply states that it got the information from a report. What report? They don't even say where the report came from. I could have pulled this story out of my ass and emailed it to them and I bet they would post it on there site.
  19. i don't want to go all vegan on people
    but shit like this is excactly why more
    people need to change their diets, and
    get out and be an activist for animal rights
    and concerns..not alot or anything we could do about china
    but bad shit like this happens everywhere, even just
    little shit like signing a petition or posting fliers
    or changing up how you yourself eat then talking to others
    i myself don't get out as much as i should but i try

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