Mother arrested for giving son cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Superjoint, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. An Austrian mother has been arrested after her teenage son told police she had been giving him cannabis since he was 12.

    The 16-year-old told police in Villach in the Austrian province of Carinthia that his mother had been giving him up to 10 joints a day.

    He said she grew the cannabis herself in their flat and also gave him it in cups of tea.

    Police found 12 cannabis plants at the flat after being alerted by a tip-off.

    The woman, who said she also used the drug, was taken into custody in Klagenfurt.

    She said she had given her son the drug "for health reasons" because she wanted to keep him away from excessive alcohol use.

    Story filed: 12:44 Friday 11th April 2003
  2. Dude ... i dont think she should have been arrested. I think that the son was a prat to tip off the police! i woulda just stayed there reciving the good shit for free.

    Her reasoning was quite sencible aswell. Before i discoverd Mary Jane i used to drink FAR FAR too much for my age and im sure it awfully bad for me .. but thank god i have discovered mj.

    If i had my oppinion i would make alcohol illeagle and bud leagle .. cheaper too so people dont have to turn to alchol due to money (even though they would have to get it through street dealers ... man can you imagine how weird that would be :S )
  3. ya i think that is complete bs

    what kind of son would do that to thier mother and get 10 j's a day
    damm straight ass mom
  4. You forget, some ppl dont like smoking it. I mean, i've given up. I dont like it anymore. But you can still just say no.
  5. then why6 are you on this site?
  6. I don't believe that being a stoner is on the Term and Conditions :rolleyes:
  7. fuck that kid if i was that persons mom i would kill the kid when she gets out if she ever does haha

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