Mother Arrested for giving 3 year old Weed & Coke

Discussion in 'General' started by Subnoize_Stoner, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Anyone hear about this thats fucked up [SIZE=-1]<wbr>080607kvuecocainechild-cb.acce590.html[/SIZE]
  2. Yeah its fucked up as hell.
  3. Right in my backyard. Way to live up to the stereotypes. I hate seeing this shit on the news, further slandering my herb.
  4. utterly disgusting
  5. wow people today
  6. Link doesnt work but i know what your talking about and its pretty sad. :(
  7. i think she def had to much coke in her life to begin with, motha fucka kids prob gunna be screwed up for life to unless they died..
  8. This mom is nuts, and has no self control letting her 3 yr. old even get into to that shit soo young, and then having him smoke marijuna, and use coc, what is this women's motivation of having her toddler use drugs already, you have to feel bad for the kid, already using hardcore drugs pretty much unwilling, and at the same time giving us responsible tokers bad names, cause of this incident, this lady looks like she is ready to make the insanity plea,poor kid got a crazy mommy:mad:
  9. atleast the kid was fine.

    but to be hounist, this is just one fucked up mum who should be forgoten about asap.
  10. "After he was removed from the home, hair samples were taken, which tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. According to court documents, the tests were at a level that indicated a high and constant use."

    "Officials say her 3-year-old son is not showing any signs of long-term health damage."

    See... drugs are safe, heh.
  11. Makes me sick....
  12. i wonder what the fuck goes through peoples minds like this...

    wait, no i dont. there fucking screwed up in the head. that is so fucked up on so many levels.

    Hell, i don't even smoke around kids. I don't want to influence kids at such a young age.
  13. atleast she was sharing--I hate people who dont share drugs

    just joking :wave:
  14. What the fuck is in the water in Texas? All the shittiest moms come from there.
  15. hahah i got a chuckle out of that
  16. ya that isnt right
  17. probably her babies daddys momma's, momma's did it, lol Look at the bags under her eyes, I think she would of rather did it then him. Sucks running out.:p

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