mother appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by joe_guy, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. idk if there is one like this, but i love my mom. greatest lady ive ever meet. my only regert in life is making her cry. if it wasnt for her growing up my dad would have killed me, and i would be all kinds of lost today.

    love ya mother
  2. I love my mommy too, even though she argues with me all the time. :rolleyes:
  3. yeah there was one for mothers day.

    but i love my mom. she put up with all my bullshit. after all i did. she still loves me.
  4. I had a falling out with my mom and it really hasn't been the same since I can't trust her anymore.
  5. GReatest thread! Yeah you gotta love your mum, after ever hard time she still stands by you. I just wish she was a little optimistic.

  6. im sorry man, thats a bummer
  7. Yeah it is a bummer.

    I still love her and all, just the trust issue. Sucks.:(

  8. yaaa man i dont trusst my brother 1 bit any more, nothing like a mother but still its weak.
  9. yea i love my mom so much.
  10. I love my momma also, dad died when I was young so she was a single parent workin at mc donalds. She did pretty good and was always understanding of what I did or had to say.

    not to mention we smoked a lot of pot together. Really brings familys closer.

    She has a grand a month gambling problem but im trying to help her out of it.
  11. i love my mom to death, we have the best relationship ever.
  12. Love my mum, even if our relationship isnt great.

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