Mother 4 Months old

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  1. So here are 2 pictures of my mother plant and a few clones. Before and after chopping off the top. Pretty sure I botched the chop, as it was getting too tall just just chopped it off and stuck the top in some water. The clones chopping was botched too did them too far down so those wont regrow from what i read. Tell me what you guys think. I havent seen any signs of preflower sex. What looks like little nubs seem to turn into flowers. My cam sucks so cant get good close up picks.

    A little info about the Strain. From what I was told at the time of the buy it was some homegrown purple kush. From my research this is a clone only strain, so either the bud i found the seed in was hermi or just a diff Purple strain.

    The plant I will say has some some remarkable signs of being a strong strain. I had a plant of some bs bag seed that got infested with mites and they never touched this plant. Any way here are the pics

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