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  1. Has anyone picked this up yet? I just rented it on my game pass at blockbuster, but i'm probably gonna have to buy it. Didn't play the first one much, but this one is the shit. I skate alot in real life, and love how realistic this game feels. It's not like Tony Hawk where you grind a roller coaster for an hour, you actually have to set up your tricks and pull them off wisely. Also, the online mode is pretty fun. I recommend picking it up if you skate, or just love skating games.
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    Yeah it's definately sweet, they improved the physics and fliudness of the game over the first, and the city's got a shit ton of new spots to skate. I've had it since it came out last week but haven't gotten really far with the challenges because I usually end up just scoping out all the new spots and freeskating.

    check out this hella realistic vid i made lol [ame=""]Skate 2 edit on Vimeo[/ame]
  3. Yeah bro, this game is the shit! I've been playing it every night since picking it up friday. I'm on a challege right now where I've gotta play carrol and koston in skate and it is incredibly difficult lol. It's nice having something like this cause up in minnesota it's hard to skate with 2 feet of snow.
  4. Ha yeah i know what you mean. Cold weather and alot of snow around here, leaves nowhere to skate. Even the local indoor park around here is overpriced, and usually packed with little kids so i don't venture there much.
    Back on topic of skate 2 though, it is a good game except for the walking. It pisses me off how clunky it is. Seems like you're a robot. Also, alot of times on challenges and shit it'll respawn you in a weird spot and you'll be stuck on a crack or something dumb. Other than that, flawless game.
  5. Here's a video I made, not the best but still playing around with everything in the game. (THERE'S SOO MUCH TO DO)

    [ame=""]YouTube - Skate 2 Montage[/ame]

    If anyone wants ot play with me online my GT is andersatan
  6. i hate this thread;) bc i havent played it yet just the demo:mad: and i want to playyyyyy it so bad :cry::laughing: skate 1 was amazing and i gotta rent this shit s00n!!!
  7. Fuck renting it just buy it, this game seriously owns everything.
  8. i wud buy it but idnt got 60 bucks to spend and if i rented it i cud keep it as long bc luckily i kno the kid who works at blockbuster
  9. Game is straight nasty. What do you like better the game play in skate 1 or skate 2?

    I like the Xgames part of skate. But I love the graphics, new tricks, new plants, and better game play of skate 2.

    Whats everyone elses opinion? PS- ANDERSATAN nice stair sesh's in your movie. The kickflip to manual to 180 shuv-it to manual and then a shuv-it out.

    Truely a masterpiece of tech tricks.
  10. I like to get mad speed and hippie jump off the highest place I can. shit is hella funny
  11. Thanks man, you don't even know how long it took me to get that down in a clean run.

    As for which Skate is better, I think Skate 2 just because there are so many new tricks and things you can do.
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    Sorry for double post but...
    Here's my new video, I think it's alot better then the other one...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Skate 2 - The Foundations of Life[/ame]
    Tell me what you guys think.
  13. I won't lie, I'm pretty damn good at this game.

    I wish I didn't have to take it back to blockbuster because it's just so fun.
  14. It's alot of fun, and i've been getting pretty far in the story mode, except for that damn challenge where you have to beat 2 skaters from GIRL in skate. I swear, it's impossible.

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