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Most youve smoked in a session?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 4hxlols, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Whats the most you've smoked in a session? Can be alone or with a group  :bongin:
    Probably about 6g for me, I was with one other person but they were new to smoking and only had about two bowls and a truffle before they were baked.

  2. 40 something lbs. It barely fazed me.

    Oops I meant oz.
  3. Most or best? Cause, back in the 70s I smoked a half an ounce of seeded mexican brickweed with two friends...but in 1978 when some Panama Redbud made its way to south Alabama, my friend and I smoked a single fat doobie each before going into a high school football game with our younger dates (they were seniors, we were college freshmen) we both got so fucked up we lost the ability to speak and sat through the entire first quarter staring into space, gibbering, fidgeting, squirming and tripping balls....we looked like two whitefaced shell shocked mute chinamen .
  4. 1.5g, my tolerance was low. I was sitting in my apartment bathroom loading bowl after bowl after bowl and kept laughing to myself (because I was stoned) about how many bowls I was packing, because I kept saying "I'm just gonna pack one more bowl". My bowl only holds .12 so it took a lot of bowls to tear through all that
  5. this past 420 i put down a quad myself though that was all rolled in blunts im sure i wouldn't have gotten past 2grams threw a bong haha

  6. Well when i could smoke, i smoked 14g's by myself, before I went to a party. Then i would say 2 g's at the party. So about 16 grams.

    Think before you do!
  7. I was in colorado and working for Electronic Recycling..had a buddy meet up before work on 420. smoked 3 blunts. and like 8 bowls out of the bong. Killed it at work still. :) was a good day.
  8. 14g on 4/20 2008
  9. One session? Probably 4-5 g's. after the session I realized after smoking a gram I wasn't getting that much higher and I wasted 4 g's.

    Had to try it, though. Lesson learnt.

    "Aye man how's my driving?"

    "Uhh I think we're parked man..."
  10. 420 - 2014
    Smoked a half between me and 3mates. Multiple bongs topped with keif then about 6x1gram joints as we were skating to the shops to buy a crazy good feed

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