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Most you've ever eaten while high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by malihide, May 26, 2009.

  1. Share some stories of the massive amounts of food you've eaten while high. I ate 8 jumbo costco cookies, 3 plates of rice and 5 chicken legs. But that's nothing compared to my friend (a skinny asian kid too) who ate 4 double big macs and a large fries at McDonalds. The workers were like what the hell cause they saw him do it.
  2. My friend once worked at a buffeit, and one night after his shift the manager (who also toked) invited us to burn a bowl or two. Afterwards he let us pig out on whatever we liked on the buffeit. One of the best meals I have ever eaten.
  3. The other night i ate a bag of doritos, a bag of chips, 4 donuts, a shit ton of cookies, 3 bowls of cookie crisp cereal,some oreos, maybe 2 or 3 gogurts, a ton of pepsi and water, and then 1/4 of a box of munchkins. epic munchies. :D

    edit: Just reading this post over, I'm really amazed by the diversity of snacks that can be achieved when youre high. lol
  4. An entire pizza, probably.
  5. 3 bowls of Honey Nut crunch cereal with sugar on top
    2 apples
    2 puddings
    A box of cookies
    2 cheese sticks
    4 popsicles.

    I threw up EVERYWHERE
  6. party size bag of tim's jalapeno chips.

  7. six pack and a pound at taco johns
  8. last night smoked 2 fatt blunts with my buddie

    we went through a box of 54 rice crispie treats. a 12 pack of dr pepper, 3 99cent arizonas 2 trays of bagel bites, a bag of cheetos 2 apples , a role of ritz and 2 boxes of marcaronie and cheese than smoke a bowl passed out and than woke up and took a 45. ( i had to just go count all the stuff in the trash can)
  9. today I ate a box of trader joes mini tacos, a box ofchicken nuggets, 3 hamburgers, and 2 prices of cake.
  10. I watched my buddy at mcdonalds eat 7 cheeseburgers at once (Put all 7 patties into one burger, and ate it all) and proceeded to get some chicks number who we thought was high on special k.
  11. I eat the same amount high or not, and it's nothing spectacular, just your standard meal. I got a couple of friend that eat 20 by 20 fully stacked on the regular from in-n-out though, it's disgusting, haha.
  12. Had 5 plates of Spaghetti with my homies, Then had a whole bag of goldfish, then later found out that it had gotten all over my bed... About 5 nutrigrain bars as well.
  13. Around a week and a half ago I ate so much I thought I was gonna pass out. I had to lay down on my car for 15 minutes before I could get up. It wasn't pretty.
  14. oh god a few days ago I ate so much biscuits and gravy. i was so full.
  15. 1 and a half grande meals from taco bell. Me and my sister ordered 3 grande meals 10 soft tacos 10 burritos and 10 hard tacos and grubbed it all under like 20 min trippin of acid
  16. my dad owns a few taco johns in town. i always go there after blazin.
  17. one time me and three of my friends dde like 5 gravty bongs and we went to this cheap mexican place and we ordered over 60$ in food we had like 3 lg plates of bean and cheese nachos bacon cheddar fries and a taco plate i ddnt eat for like 3 days
  18. I can't remember
  19. A large cookie cake, half gallon of white milk, half a cheese and half a pepperoni pizza, little debbies, a fat plate of leftovers, a dozen doughnuts, and some of those like breakfast taco things that go in the freezer. To say the least i took a fat dump the next day.
  20. lol WELL back in my good ole mids days i was at a buddys house and had just gotten done tokin up on some pretty decent stuff we had gotten. ate 3 donuts, sandwich, and 2 bowls of ramen noodles. well on my 3rd bowl of ramen i was sitting on his couch and his cousin was over with some random girl i had never met before. so hes on the couch next to me tryin to get at this girl and im chowin next to them watching tv like a dick (to smacked to notice at the time) well like half way through that bowl i just started feeling sick from over eating but was so good i just kept on chowing. went to take a bite and garfed back into my bowl and all over my lap then just was like bleeeehhhhh wtf and fell asleep. woke up like 2 hrs later still chillin bowl on lap covered in puke but they were gone........ lol everyone has thier times

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