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Most weed you ever bought at one time?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by upinsmokeee, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. What's the most weed you've ever bought at once? I've been smoking for awhile but the most I've ever bought at once is probably only 9gs and got a hell if a deal payed 55 for it . Sold it all the same day.
  2. I only buy a gram at a time. It helps me preserve.
  3. a zip at a time, helps me preserve $
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    800+lbs of Ganja from a Jamaican Rastafarian Farmer in Golden Grove, Jamaica, right after I got out of College. Good Stuff too!
  5. a half pound of mid. and 2 oz dank
  6. over 9000 pots
  7. I cant disclose that info, it could lead to defamation. ;)
  8. Most I've copped was 3 zips, $875

    Btw don't think ur supposed to mention selling
  9. I buy 1-2 ounces at a time (depends on quality).
    The biggest transaction I've been involved in was half a pound, but that was between a few of us.
  10. it for only $3,000 and it was between 5 of us.
  11. Grown more than I could ever buy.
  12. to be super honest... prob. dropped $100-120 on a quarter ounce a few times in my life

    sad A.F cuz i buy them for $60 now.. and they're better quality than the ones i bought for over $100 back in the day

  13. 3/4oz dank and 1/4oz mids
  14. Most I've ever bought at once: an ounce?
  15. about 57 marijuanas i think
  16. 2 oz's of dank, $560
  17. A pound and a half of schwag when I was slangin.

    For personal, 2 oz's of some dank ass bud.

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