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Most useful (and uncommon) paraphernalia that you use

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TurtIe, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. What is one little doo-hickey that you think EVERYONE should have? You know, like little stuff that nobody knows about, that you find EXTRAORDINARILY useful
    I personally enjoy those Flavor Drops that you put into bowls. Not many people know about them/use them, but man they mask the weed smell and the end of a bowl doesnt taste like pure death.

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    [​IMG] high there porker...
    (a sheeeeet load of noob accounts asking about 'typical' mj things people do/carry/ if LEO was phishing for places to target...ya, tin foil hat stuff...but if it smells of bacon...)
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    Can totally understand the idea but nah, asked a few friends the same question and one of them said to post it on here. (I'm the only one that didnt have an account, so that explains that being my first post, I guess)
    meanwhile I'm still shocked that my username was even available
  4. Debowler ash trays, has a spike in the middle to cash your bowl for you. Bong leashes are nice, never lose your lighter while hitting a bong. A second ashtray so one doesn't need to be passes around with a joint or blunt. Blunt cutters are convenient. Snapper bowl pieces, the bowls small enough for just one hit, never have to deal with a booty hit. Glass screens for when doing kief hits. Having multiple dab sticks around. Extra propane/butane tanks. Extra torch nozzles. Multiple lighters. Carbon filters. Having an ash catcher is always nice. G pens are great for on the go. Multiple bowls sizes that you can use based on group size. A poker can come in handy, especially without a debowler ash tray. Extra kief scrapers/containers. Silicone containers for oil, way better than glass. ISO alcohol and epson salt for cleaning. A smoke buddy or just a toilet roll filled with dryer sheets if you need to curb the smell. Save old incense sticks to clean bowl pieces out. A lock box is a must. Healthstones are kinda cool for the oil consumer, but I'm not a huge fan of em. The list goes on
  5. I feel like every vape toy I use is like that, at least at first. Even with it's popularity, a lot of people didn't really know about my Volcano (and while I think everyone should have one they are prohibitively expensive). My pax was pretty much that must have device that no one had for a year or so, but now I'm starting to see other people having and recognizing it (kind of a bummer, I liked it when it was both sleek and discreet).
    Until I find something better (and I haven't yet reading through the High Times 2014 roundup) I think anyone who wants to smoke wax on the go should have an Atmos pen. That's a sneaky little guy I sometimes am out and about with, and when people ask me for a hit from that, I have a mischievous look on my face, given that I'm pretty sure they're going to find out the hard way that what I'm smoking is not just regular old dry stuff :p
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    Most definitely bong marbles they make the hits so much cleaner
  7. Oh yup those make any shitty piece hit beautifully and the nice pieces hit even better
  8. Bobby pins. My gf always leaves a shit ton of them at my house. So I unfold them and use them for a variety of uses. The main uses: to get the weed out of the crevices of my grinder, and to flip the bud over in the bowl after the top of the bowl is ash.
  9. Paper clip. I use it to knock the kief off the threads of my grinder so it can close and if resin builds up it easily scrapes it out.
  10. zip lock bags, or smelly proof bags
  11. I have a tool that I call "Stoner's Best Friend". It's a flashlight with a flexible neck and a magnet on one end that also functions as a laser pointer. You can mount the magnetic end on any metal surface and twist the flexible neck to point at whatever you're doing. So useful for rolling joints or packing bowls in the dark.
  12. Guitar pick...can scrape keif and jamSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. needles. for shooting up.
  14. Yup! Always loosing those damn kief scrapers, but there's always a guitar pick on hand
  15. find a " do not smoke" sign and take that shit and bam! Your new cool ironic roll tray
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    i use the metal part of my bic to see if the bowls got a good cherry while i'm hitting it, convenient. bobby pins or paper clips forsure. we got this little bowl for our bong, it has a glass screen built into it so its perfect for snaps and keeping the bong water cleaner. a bbq lighter on stand by in case some one came over and bic'd me, no ones gonna accidentally walk off with a bbq lighter. business cards for scraping kief out of the bottom of the grinder and for crutches at the end of a joint
  17. I have a one hitter that's only like 2 inches long and it works perfectly with joints:D
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    Not exactly uncommon, but most eyedropper lids are good for packing a bowl down, especially if it's on the smaller side.
    Just messin' :smoke:

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