Most unusual place you've smoked weed at?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tor, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I dont have a unusual place ive smoked at, weirdest place was behind my house lmao
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    Yo mommas house
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  3. I was gonna say in his momma’s closet
  4. Funeral
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  5. ....someone's "going-away" party, aka they were going to rehab and I was high af the whole time.
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  6. Inside of an abandoned power plant
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    ....but I also follow abandonedporn on Reddit and Tumblr soooo.
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  8. Nice. I fucking love urbex.
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  9. Out on the platform behind the last car on the train from Anchorage to Fairbanks.
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  10. Behind a Walmart :)
  11. orangecat1y.jpg

    Too many to mention as over decades have sought out such natural places. Above with bizarre orange and blue geology is in Death Valley National Park at a remote location no others have seen for decades. Call the image "Riding the Neck on the Orange Cat's Head". And yes I was smoking weed that day having fun exploring.
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  12. Outside the courthouse
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  13. Too many to name. I’ve smoked at Elementary school playgrounds, during middle school in the bathroom, outside my old high schools tennis court, under a highway bridge by a river, inside my friends storage shed, during a burial, and inside my little brothers closet at my dads house who is anti-weed. Lol.
    Good times and so many memories. Probably a bunch a more to name as well.
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  14. You should probably get out a little
  15. Smoked in the sewer a few times. Inside my high school pool area. (Allegedly:ey:). In my car while stormchasing. Shit got weird.
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  16. I can totally see that. Do you see the guy on the horse and his white dog looking at the orange cat? They are small and the dog is laying down.
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  17. Well...sometimes I used to go up on top of this old abandon building in town and smoke up there an think about things. But I don't anymore because I ran into a crazy person up there an I feel lucky to have got away with out being killed or hurt. So now I just smoke on my own property lbvs.

  18. In the back yard of my buddy's house in high school...
    not so strange until I found out his dad ran the narcotics unit for our local 50.
    First time paranoid as hell, next 100 times just made the high better lol.
  19. In my 20s, weed wasnt doing much anymore, no matter how much I smoked. This was 20 years ago and weed was pretty good.

    To UP the high, we started smoking in our car in the driveway of other peoples houses. It drove up anxiety and adrenaline.
    Eventually, we smoked in the parking lot of a sheriff station, once. When you're scared, the weed hits you stronger.

    Yeah, that'll do it for me.
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  20. Behind the Tiki Torches in Walt Disney World.

    We thought it was a great idea, then all of a sudden this music starts going off and then lights and a crowd of people gathered around to watch the show. We quickly stashed the weed and came out from behind the poles and hoped nobody put 2+2 together.

    I half expect that Disney saw us on camera and activated the "show" to clear us along :)

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