Most unpleasent sensation?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mighty Joe Bong, Sep 4, 2003.

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  1. For me it\'d have to be being sweaty while wet from the rain, ugh I can\'t stand that shit. So uncomfortable and disgusting.
  2. since its just a couple of days into spring here that sounds pretty good to me :D.....Getting rained on while the temp is -2 and the wind chill is - 20 deg,now thats uncomfortable :D.
  3. ever had a catheter been put into your bladder or anywhere else for that matter? that\'s uncomfortable
  4. when i go to smoke a joint and the fugger put5 tobaco in with the weed i hate that shit...i dont smoke cigs and i dont want it in my good weed
  5. being cut in half with a big rusty saw from the groin up to teh ribs..... then being left to bleed to death.
  6. biting into something crunchy while eating something that should be completely, utterly not crunchy
  7. imagine the nicest thing you can.... well... \"nice\" is an understatement really.... the best thing possable, the type of lone thing that could blow all other things outta the water.... that thing... that one fucking thing.... so perfect.... are you imagining it? no, no... better than that.... you\'re not using your imagination well enough... keep thinking until you start feeling it physically and beyong to the point you cant take it any more... that most amazing perfect thing that so many want.... yes... thats right... THAT thing... so you\'re imagining it now right? ... good... feels great doesnt it? ..... really great..... ........ .......... then silence for a while, then BAM.... its gone. was it ever really there? did you really have it after all? .... a pointless question... its gone now... and you know you\'ll never be able to get it again.

    so ... you\'ve just had the best thing ever... and then have it stripped away from you without ample explanation. its as clean cut as death. bam. the next phase. nothingness.

    how long do you have to live it out?




    .... oh, and i almost forgot....
    Also having an open bottomed cage strapped to your stomache with a hungry rat in it whilst you\'re tied down in a shallow vat of sodium hydroxide, slowly eating away at your flesh on the same morning after a night out of excessive xtc and amphetimines and booze, that point where you feel like all your bones are made of parmesan cheese and your tongue and a bleeding burning desert of pain, and worse yet, you are forced to listen to nu metal for 9 year olds at 117 dB.

  8. like yoghurt
  9. biting a peice of metal.....while you have a filling.....

    or paper cuts...everywhere...
  10. eating a half a cup of yogurt from the store then realizing someone had already opened it BEFORE YOU!!!!
  11. Ok, your with the hottest girl you know.. Sitting there alone you start to make out and she begins to slowly creep lower and lower till she arives at your zipper.. Zip! Slowly she begins to interact with your \"joystick\" and begins to give it a little nibble..*you are now VERY excited!!* She begins to play with your \"joystick\" and then with one slooooowwwww lick she leaves!!!!!! And her final words being \"enjoy!\"...

    :mad::mad:..Kinda a kick in the balls feeling for a week..:mad::mad:

  12. uh-huh an i actually asked the bitch who was doin it if she thourghly enjoyed her fucking job. more than uncomfortable thats pain
  13. stepping in dog poop barefoot
    swimming and having a snake wrap around your thigh
    swimming and stepping on \"somthing wierd and slimy that moves\"
    falling off a boat in the dark an going under...ive never scampered back aboard so quicky
    ...wandering round with a huge leach stuck to your leg uuuck!
    (almost bad as the snake)
    dejelling the jell around ham in a can :D
  14. What happened to me when I took the dog out a few minutes ago....

    ...stepping on a cluster on slugs while completely barefooted...being in the dark and not having a clue as to what has you glued to the ground with it\'s horrible stickiness!!!!!!

    KraziHare is right on, though. That whole crunchy thing popping up in my soft food doesn\'t float well at all.

  15. oh- ho-ho- ewwwwwwweweeweww! ... -blergh. :( :yuk:
  16. hot fucking macaroni and cheese right out of the goddamn mother fooking heat blastin lord of microwaves! bitch ass cheesy noodles burnt my entire mouth!! I did damage people!!! DAMAGE!! damn I wish the smell didnt smell so damn good...,mmmmmm just wanna chop down on that shit!!! ....all HOT...
  17. bongish WTF is that all over that deer?
    putting this into the \"unpleasent senstation\" catagory....tripping and falling into that digusting mess ofa nasty \"thing\" would be most unpleasent. uugh
    jilly ive stepped on slugs..its up there with dog poop :D

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