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Most *Unique* Places You've Toked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PriMo XVII, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Not your favorite places, not your sketchiest places, but the most unique places you've smoked weed. I'm talking about the kind of places where no one else has smoked, or at least where you don't think anyone else (or very many other people) have smoked.

    The most unique place I've smoked was probably in the walk in freezer at a Jamba Juice.

    Aside from that, I haven't really smoked anywhere I'd consider unique. Also, this is unique places you've actually smoked. Not unique places you've just been high. So smoking and then going somewhere unique doesn't count.
  2. id say great wall is pretty unique since not many people do that... i think.
    so the great wall for me.

    and a 35 story roof over looking Beijing, the capital of China. not bad either... :)
  3. The most unique place I've smoked was walking down the street in a super rich/stuck up gated community.

    There's probably more or at least a better one but I can't think of any right now. :bongin:
  4. Inside of a long storm drain/tunnel thing in my friend's neighborhood. That was awesome :D
  5. Really racked my brain to think of anywhere unique that i've smoked and then remembered an absolute topper.

    I've sparked a joint on a train, took it off the train and continued smoking it through my city's MAIN train station. This isn't something people do - big fines for a cigarette deter pretty much everyone, but i was very drunk and thought it'd be funny. Never seen anyone else smoke in the station, let alone a joint fs. Broke quite a few laws with that one (smoking in a train/inside the building/posession of drugs) that would've been some insane fine if i got caught by police.

    Also rolled in the queue for Wu-Tang Clan and smoked in an abandonned junk yard office hut.
  6. Either a massive public bathroom at Breckenridge or the bathroom at a noodles lol
  7. We went hikeing at red rock while in colorado..when we got super high up the mountain then we burned down just looking out over the view :)

    straight was beautiful
  8. on an airplane
  9. on the shitter
  10. Sometimes I toke then clean my piece in the bathroom lol
  11. Outside a police station.
  12. At Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Rays play (it was outside on the spiral walkway) and at Busch Gardens in Tampa by the Nairobi Train Station during Howloscream!!
  13. Inside the cathederal near where I live, pretty intense with all the architecture & stained glass!
  14. Walkin right by LSD...that's Lake shore drive you fuckin hippies
  15. at a buddhist monestary. it was awesome lol
  16. On an old train bridge that has fallen into disuse. Things about 150 feet high and overlooks a ton of trees. Pretty great view.
  17. i think i may have the topper did it ziplining thanks to MFLB :D
  18. I would say everytime i go hiking, nothing but non stop forests and wilderness here
  19. I've smoked on horseback looking at a nice mountain :)
  20. Hotel bathroom...hotboxed that shit. The entire room was sooooooooo dank

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