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Most unique and wacky smoking device youve made at home?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by superpepperonies, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. I've only used an apple as a pipe when I was really desperate haha
  2. I haven't had to in years, but I used a half a bread bag on a bottle with a socket "a lung"

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  3. When I first started smoking I was doing it alone and was completely new to it and knew nothing about bongs, pipes etc. So I attempted to make my own pipe with a toilet roll tube, I cut a hole in the side and made the bowl out of cellotape with holes in it, that couldn't of been too good on my lungs haha, it wasn't very efficient either.

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  4. One time I only had a slide for my bong so I put a screen in it. Made a nice little boot leg pipe.

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  6. i got sick of wasting wax by putting it on flower(and at a stupid desperate time tobacco) so i tried to make a semi efficient  pipe.
    used a mattress pump hose,
    a mmj bottle (1/8oz)
    2l coke cap
    pushed the hose into the mmj bottle  so that the hose ends were parallel 
    melted the cap to the hose attachment( large->smaller input)
    put foil over the cap and made a circle of perforations around the center so that when it melted it wouldnt fall into the hose.
    the aluminum would heat up and offer a vaporization in a sense
    it was actually decent as it would burn everything slowly but still hit like a truck
    i know the whole controversy about smoking on foil. it wasnt ideal and i may have been able to find a better solution but i built it from thingsthat were at arms length
    ive made most of those well known pipes (apple, gravity, waterfall, foil, etc) but this is the only one i regard as somewhat unique 
  7. Nothing special. All I've had to do in a pinch was make an apple pipe. I've always seemed to have papers with me or around me

    Happy toking!

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  8. We used to have those water dispensers you see in like hotels and hospitals etc. well I took an empty 5 gallon jug, made a hole in the side near the bottom, found some random piping (brass maybe?) and drilled some holes on one end to have a diffused downstem effect. Then I put it in the hole I made in the jug, and made a pocket with brass screens and put it in the pipe to make a "bowl". Then I used electrical tape (or duct tape I don't really remember) and I just made sure the area where the pipe entered was air tight. Then I made a slightly bigger hole on the other side Asa carb since using a slide would just be too obnoxious on that big ass thing. It was definitely easier when friends were helping. But I could still manage on my own. Then you put water on the bottom and it was basically a bong. Worked nice too. But then I just kind of got bored of it
  9. I read somewhere on GC that a blade made a pipe out of a wooden park picnic table. I think he said somebody drilled holes into the corner of it or something. That must have looked so funny to see somebody smoking weed out of a wooden park picnic table.
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    Was watching that snoop lion reincarnated thing on netflix and saw them smoking out of a coconut chalice.
    I thought it was awesome and took my ash catcher for my bong and attached a hookah hose to it...wasnt very awesome.
    I wish i could find a coconut chalice lol its just neat
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    I created something called the plastic lung, which was two water bottles connected by pvc pipe to a single joint on the top and a screw on cap. Then it was placed inside of one of those metal buckets you get at a bar where they freeze the water around a bottle. it would make smoke rings in the bottles when it pulled.
    And ive made a long bong out of about 7 differant plastic containers, and they were connected with pens with water in each container so each one bubbles. It took for ever to hit it though.
  12. When I was too young to legally go to the head shop, I would make some pretty neat bongs with bottles and sockets and whatnot. I made some sweet percolator bongs. I actually had this two chamber bubbler made out of two pill bottles duct taped together and the water flowed through straws. It was so sick! My mom took it when she caught me smoking when I was like 15 hahaha
  13. We made a Franken-bong from3 broken ass pieces and a big plastic base thing

    That's thing ripped so
    Fucken hard

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