most trusted seed bank?

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  1. Does anyone recommend a seed bank they trust? this is my first grow ever and I wanted to get some good reliable, preferably auto flowering seeds. Thanks in Advance. :ph34r:

  2. attitude is were i get my seeds from...
  3. Nirvava has worked well and has awesome packaging for shipping. Seedsman was fast 4 days for one continent to another. 100% germ on all seeds thus far. i don't expect that to always be the case, just how it has been.
  4. thanks for your help bro much appreciated!
  5. One item of note, both offer freebies. The one thing about Seedsman is if you buy Nirvana seeds from them the seeds are packed is an envelope instead of the cardboard and individual cells that Nirvana ships its girls in.
  6. Attitude was great for me. 2 week shipping to north east
  7. I used Herbies. There is also a full page for autos and single seeds on top of the normal page. 7 buisness days to ship to west coast US. I used "super stealth" shipping. I was happy with it. Ordered one seed got 3 free.
  8. Marijuana seeds . NL

    I bought some seeds from Canada as well (mjseedscanada) and their seeds haven't been as good as NL's.

    All NL seeds have thrived. Sour d is doing the best :)

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  9. I really like Nirvana they're discreet and I've never had trouble with their seeds
  10. I think I've made over a dozen orders with Attitude. 
    Went on a streak - 9 straight orders without a seizure. Then shit got a little crazy at customs in Chicago. Took me like 4-5 tries to get Cheese Quake through. Attitude lived up to it's free re-ship policy though - kept sending it until I got my seeds. They're a top notch seed company imo. I know there are domestic banks in the States but they don't have the selection and their prices are a little high, so I'll pry stick w/ Attitude for awhile. 
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    ive only ever used herbies, they also have a site dedicated to autos
    EDIT: forgot to add link :p that's herbies auto site
    I can recommend dutch passion think diferant and barneys farm sweet tooth for good autos

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