Most Times Youve Made A Girl Cum?

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  1. I had to, her vagina ceased to exist.

    Broke up with her after that, who wants a girl with a void in the spacetime continuum
    between her legs..
  2. 2-3 times from one fuck. then its time for the 2nd round. i like to wear ass down :smoke:
  3. 4-6 is the normal with my girl. I last about 45mins- 2 hours usually, to the point where she wants me to cum cuz im not playing fair ;) hahaha.
  4. Eh, talked to girls who have been far from satisfied by the musician breed :p 

  5. Musicians on this thread think VERY highly of themselves. Ive played guitar for literally as long as I can remember and obviously if you can play one instrument then the others come easily and you hear music much better than non-musicians. However I think music has absolutely nothing to do with your social skills, reading people, or sex life.
  6. Exactly, I actually have got a laugh from what some of them have said haha. 
  7. 2 -3 hours??????? dayum!!! I though i was a perv! I made a girl cum about 10 times in a half hour.
  8. fucked a girl 10 times in one evening-night. every time she came at least once.
  9. We don't get the house to ourselves much, time flew by lol.
  10. I can make my wife cum till she can't cum anymore, she can't even talk usually :cool:

    I'm awesome at making chicks orgasm
  11. I use to fuck this girl Jackie back in the day. This chick would cum over and over again.5 or 6 was normal for her. It was kinda ridiculous.

  12. i love when i'm fucking a girl and they can't talk.
    just babbled sounds start coming out. little mumbled half words and shit. fucking love it.
    that's when i know i'm doing my job right.
    Both of the guys that I've been with that are musicians (one sings and plays piano and my bf makes house/dubstep music and plays a couple instruments) were exceptional in bed.
    The most I've ever came would be like 2-3 times. Its hard to make me cum more then once though... especially if I squirt. I get so tired after cumming once or squirting once. I typically just tap out at that point because my pussy hurts and my whole body is shaking and I cant move. Having a gspot orgasm takes a lot out of me.
  14. I came in here ready to brag about my six times.

    Then u shitted on me.

    Im not a very generous lover though
  15. Im only 18. So fuck you don juans ill get better.
  16. 19 and winning so far  :devious:  

  17. man idek.. back when i was runnin around doin dumb shit with dumb hoes, i would fuck for ever it seemed.. a lot of drugs were involved.. a lot of hoes were involved..
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    This was Illadelphins last post.  :(
    RIP brother, well get together one day and smoke up in heaven!
  19. My wife cums while shes suckin my dick...dead serious.. She cant fuck anymore after i make her cum more than 3 or 4 times cause she gets really tingly..
  20. I'm having so much fun reading all this shit... I'll have to reread all this once I get blazed. 

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