Most Times Youve Made A Girl Cum?

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  1. hahah i thought i was the only one who does rhythmic humping. its very true though, if you've played an instrument for years and years there's something about it that rewires your brain to be more in tune with reading emotions and with reading and picking up on subtle facial expressions/eye movements.
    I can usually tell how freaky a girl is in the bed just by the way she laughs and what she laughs at. just the way someone laughs is a huge clue to how a person is. never really picked up on hints like that till i started getting good at writing and playing music.
    And its hard to pinpoint just how many times i've made a girl cum. if it's good, personal, romantic sex she wont be keeping track of every time she cums. There's been a dozen times where a girls cum all over me not even minutes after sticking it in. there's another girl where she would cum like 5 times within 45 minutes. the bed, my dick, and her pussy would be dripping wet by the time we're done. and there's other girls where they'll cum once and that'll be it. it really just depends on the girl more then anything.
    but i'd say a good way to know if you did a good job is if shes walking all funky afterwards and complains about being a bit sore ;)

  2. my first les, 3 times? couldve been more except i decided i was over it, went out for a cig and never looked back..yolo.
  3. I think guys like you are the exact reason I'm so into musicians. There's so much passion in pretty much everything they do. I think there has to be a bit of depth and openness in someone to make them really in tune with music to be able to create and play music. You lose yourself and you've got to be a special kind of person to lose yourself in something that's so abstract.

    Makes sex pretty amazing : )
  4. Damn. Ruthless.
  5. seven million
  6. Seven. She was beggin' me to stop or she would have had at least seven more. I loved eatin' that girls pussy!
  7. Yea i'm not entirely sure how she managed 23. Wanted me to finish but I kind of.. didn't, lol. Said i'm not allowed to do that to her again for awhile :( 
    Later in the same day she said we had the best sex she'd ever had. So it's not like times came means that much, it's just kind of like an art imo, a challenge if you will  :devious: from what I gather it gets to be too much after awhile. Damn you ladies, damn you.
    She actually kept the stats hahaha

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    Musicians aren't thaaat great  :(
  9. They're not. I just have a weakness.
  10. The most i've come in one session was over 50 times.  We smoked and also took some hgw (horny goat weed, it's like a vit supplement).  In the beginning he was just talking (i like hearing stories while doing it  :ey: ) ...not even touching me and i was cumming like crazy. 
    The most i've given another female was probably 10. 
    The most i've given a guy was 3-4. 
    Bolded: One of the times we were with another cpl they had Enigma on the stereo, pretty awesome!
  12. bass fingers man...
    If you can finger pick a bass for hours on end and understand the concept of complex rhythmic patterns then you naturally have a mastery over the vagina!
  13. I want to make a sex instrument that involves certain positions, speeds, and rhythms, some science, and a lot of luck lol. Basically I want to learn all the different ways to make chicks make different moans/noises and then create music using this concept!
    Being a music tech student is fucking awesome!!!
    loooove my bass :cool:
  15. bass fingers man...
    If you can finger pick a bass for hours on end and understand the concept of complex rhythmic patterns then you naturally have a mastery over the vagina!
    Its true haha, my fingers have their own individual large veins from 11 years of playing.
    Best stringed instrument IMO.
    Plus if you know how to slap the bass properly, then all you gotta do is replace bass string with clit... the rest is just magic
  17. I think I am starting to get biceps on mine lol
    The HBO series "Real Sex" showed a company that made different sex machines.  They showed them in use, pretty hot!
  19. i don't know specific number. I've lost track. a lot of times one orgasm just rolls into another, it can be hard to distinguish them. it's more like one long continuous orgasm.
    i have made a girl cum in under a minute of touching her though.
    i was smoochin on her, and my hand went south, like 30 seconds later i've got her cumming.
    that was cool beans bro.
  20. This is silly..... everyone knows the female orgasm is a myth.  I don't believe any of you.  The male orgasm is the only important part of sex.
    lol gc peps I'm kidding

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