Most Times Youve Made A Girl Cum?

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  1. Ladies, you're lucky. Your orgasm is a lot better than a guys lol, you can have multiple and they are a lot more intense. You win there females. 

    Whats the most orgasms you've given a girl or if you are a girl you've had in one sex session. 

    I lasted about 2 or 3 hours once and my girl came around 23 times. Been wondering what others records are :p 


  2. Well i would say around 6-8 times. Luckily I know that I will rarely fail to get a girl off. I have the gift of being a multi-talented musician. So my finger skills from trumpet, bass, and guitar all add up to a success rate of close to 100%.
  3. Musicians make the rest of the population look like shit in the bedroom.
  4. It is true lol. We are able to do some interesting and creative things in the bedroom sometimes. I had the nerdiest sex with a fellow band nerd back in high school and it was epic. I made her cum at one point by basically playing a trumpet part to a symphonic piece inside her (her clit was like the first valve and the other 2 inside lol). I also have excellent internal timing so I can fuck in abstract rhythmic patters as well, it helps to listen to tribal music while fucking.
  5. Wow. That's quite creative. I've never experienced rhythmic humping but there's a first for everything. In general, musicians are just the best. They're quite the self involved douche bags but I can't quite help but be super into them anyway.
  6. 5 or 6 times with my high school gf.
    23? Damn.
  7. holy fuck, idk how i'd be able to walk after 23 orgasms. the most i've come in a session with someone is 5 or 6.
  8. I try not to be one of the douche bag ones haha. You can tell a lot about a musicians persona by their stage presence. There are the ones who feel like they are great so they have to show off their 'talents' (in reality it is just their ego); these people will usually talk big and rarely impress. The same usually goes in the bedroom. I prefer to not boast and just let what I do speak for itself.
  9. I made my girl squirt when she came for her first time, she always say she feels like passing out. So last week I made her cum till she passed out for real this time. I wasn't counting but she said she came like 9 times.
  10. I think I've got to find one who doesn't take themselves so serious. Or maybe find one who does music as a side thing and not their whole world.

    And on track with the thread, I'm one and done. It's way too intense to cum like 5 times. I might fall into a coma.
    definitely don't wanna be having multiples every time. my ovaries would explode.
    I remember a few months after losing my virginity I was with that same girl still and we just finished an epic bed-fest that left her quivering.  Feeling pretty proud of myself I looked at the clock and said "wow, 3 hours, not bad".  She looked at me like WTF and said "you were timing it?".
    That kind of left a bad taste in my mouth (not literally :yummy:) and after that I wasn't much for keeping stats.
    Although I remember once after that she was pretty proud of herself for getting me off 3 times. 
  13. I lasted once like 72 hours and made her cum like 699 times.
    I call BS.  There's no way you're stopping at 699 and not giving her one more :laughing:
  15. Yeah those are a rare breed haha. I am a full time musician, even my collegiate schooling revolves around music. Luckily I have learned how to find the balance between taking my music seriously and knowing that I am not the greatest musician ever.
    That made me wonder if a girl has ever been fucked into a coma? lol
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    Ladies if he is prancing around like Dave Lee Roth..then you might wanna stay away haha..
  17. Not never :-( .
  18. My fiance normally makes me cum about five to eight times each time we have sex. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
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  20. I've heard of women being fucked to death. THAT'S some terrible shit.

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