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Most time after smoking I cough real bad and my throat burns

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by umop 3pisdn, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Is this normal?
    My throat will burn pretty bad, then I'll start coughing for 10 or so minutes and the cough is a real chesty one. Throughout the following day I cough every 10 minutes and it feels like I've got a lot of flem backed up in my throat and lungs.

    Or am I going to die from emphysema or lung cancer in the near future..?
  2. how long u been smoking? try smoking using water filtration or vaporizing.
  3. Only been smoking for about a year.

    I also smoke cigarettes, but this problem only seems to occur after smoking marijuana.
  4. drink something?
  5. I do. It doesn't do shit.
  6. yer i had dis when i had a bad cough but kept toking lmao i wud cough of everyhit but i wanted to get high took months to get rid off it but iam sound now :)
  7. Get rid of it? Wouldn't it get worse the more you smoked?

    P.S When I was a kid I had a mild case of asthma and needed an inhaler. I don't have it anymore but he said I had bad lungs or some shit am I in any danger after having only smoked for a good year or so?
  8. i dunno its gone now lmao n i still smoked weed everday it just takes longer i guess too goo and he just has a bad cough like i did :confused:
  9. stupid post

    if you have/had asthma that can be why. A friend of mine has asthma, smoke cigs and has been smoking for about 8 years. Its hard for him to hit a bong because if he barely gets too much, he'll cough his ass off.

    I'll sometimes get that one hit that gets me bad and cough for a minute or so. Then i feel the flegm in my throat, and the burning of the throat. If you've ever watched an extreme slow motion video of your esophagus while coughing, you'll see why it hurts haha. Looks pretty brutal
  10. i had terrable asthma when i was a kid. then it just turned out to be an allergic reaction to something in the house. moved out of there and i was breathing fine. then when i would take a hit, exhale, wait a minute. and i could breathe alot easier than i was. asthma isnt the reason. weed is an anti inflammatory, and asthma is inflammation of the bronchial airways.
  11. Do you get this cough only when you smoke or does it occur throughout the day? If throughout, then it could be bronchitis. sharing pipes/ bongs / etc will spread it quick.
  12. i find that when i smoke cigarettes and weed i cough alot while smoking weed, but when i quit smoking cigarettes i dont cough at all while i smoke weed.
  13. Could be from the tobacco, could be the kind of shit you're smoking, could be asthma, could be bronchitis (aka the Chronchitis).

    I would ask a doctor for something like that. I had a bad, dry, chesty persistent cough checked out a month ago and it turned out I had had Chronchitis for about three months and just wasn't aware of it.
  14. just keep a bottle of water or your favorite drink close by.
  15. Say I smoke pot at night, most of the time I'll have a pretty severe, persistent cough. It will eventually wear off then I'll go to bed. Wake up next morning, pretty bad dry cough occasionally throughout the day, nothing too bad.

    Then I mightened smoke pot for 3 days or so (continue smoking ciggys though) and not experience the cough no where near as often, and I don't get any burning in my lungs/throat.

    It's not so much the burning in my throat that qualms me, it's moreso the horrifically fucked up sounding/feeling cough after a hit.

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