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  1. What's the most sought after perc these days?

    Is it Mobius' matrix perc or reti perc?
    Or Sovereignty's pillar perc?

    Hitman's ratchet perc also looks pretty badass.

    I remember seeing a SYN dual 12 tree perc tube that looked pretty menacing


    Whatchu think
  2. If I had the $$ Id get one of those Mobius Matrix bubblers.

    I just like that particular look though..

    Im not willing to fork that kinda $$ out though. :D
  3. [ame][/ame]
  4. Its hard to really say. I'd say the ones I see the most love from people who've tried a lot of the best seems to be the SOV peyote pillar, or other similar pillars (like DWB's) in terms of smoothness and really low drag.
    however, Personally I considder the pillar and the peyote ball to be different perks, so I look at that as a perk'd tube, and I don't think anyone has been able to compare the peyote alone to anything else. Beyond that I think the most interesting perks are the 2011bc netline, the stemline, nice gridded showherheads and showercaps (though gridded showercaps are less common, those I have seen have been very well loved). Also the squidline, but I don't know of many people who have actually hit one.
    The matrix has been reviewed as being a great perk, but not as well diffused as a lot of other more about having 0 drag, so some people love it, some prefer the other perks I mentioned.
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    Phx perc
  6. squid line destroys matrix
  7. WTF....never seen that thing before.

    That thing is insane...

    How much is one of those?
  8. I would buy a squidline regardless of price

  9. I know dude. thing is a beast. I have a luke wilson 10/5 arm tube, he does such awe-inspiringly functional tubes.
  10. that squid line looks ridiculous... i would love to own one :smoke:

    the matrix perc seems innovative and pretty fuckin cool if you ask me

    i saw a video where they compared a matrix bub to a luke wilson 15 arm bub and the mobius stacked like a mofo compared to the lw

    ive never held either in my hands though, those are just observations haha

  11. whered you find this at I wanna buy one!
  12. Pillar Perc
  13. I like the pillars and think they would function great, just never hit one though.

    really want one of these though

  14. Anyone actually hit one of the SG/Hitman collabs? Wonder about that turbine

  15. go to the sovereignty appreciation thread, someone in there just posted one that they own, forget who it was tho

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