Most Sketchy/effective Improvised Piece Youve Ever Used?

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  1. a strawberry with a pen tube stuck in it haha
  2. 1,5 l PET bottle bent in the middle to create a gap to bubble water and a cap with a socket from my dads toolbox. and yea my mom keeps confiscating my shit...
  3. A pen tube. Ended up melting a bit haha.
    Also crafted a wicked 1L bottle bong with a plastic piece off a toy for a bowl haha. That melted a bit too.
  4. I used aluminum foil to make pipes when I first started smoking, dumbest shit I've ever done, I also used a potato one time when I ran out of apples. Once I was done, I cut up said potato and make some delish fries. I was too high lol

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  5. Second'd. I had to use a baby carrot. I could only pack in a tiny bit but after like two hits i was so stoned.
    this guy knows where it's @
  7. I had a big ass pint water bottle, I burn't a hole in the side and hollowed out a chap stick container then added a carb.  That bitch hit like a pro!
  8. haha hell ya ive worked somthing like that out before 
  9. Hand Pipe 
    make a fist put the weed cuffed under the pinky.  Take a nice rip through your thumb and index.  Just dont stop pulling till its cashed and you wont get burned. lol
    I just did it so I can brag about how my hands are illegal drug paraphernalia. :metal:
  10. First time I smoked it was out of a pop can. Never did it again though.

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  11. A hookah made from a chocolate easter bunny, two sour punch straws, and three tootsie rolls.
    I really really really wish I took a picture before I ate it  <_<
  12. improvised tinfoil pipes and smoking out of aluminum cans, stupid i know but that was way back when i first started
  13. Nigga stick dat bud up your nose, light dat shit, and inhaleeeee....
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    A soda can, a pepsi bottle bong and uses a Crayola marker as a downstem I had the fat end where there's the black end cap as the bowl with tin foil in it. And at the other end (the smaller one where you write) I poked holes in it at the very end on the sides to make it like a diffuser thing, hit pretty good. And also a gallon Arnold Palmer jug with the downstem and bowl from a hookah. Took a minute to get that completely milky. :D
  15. Hi first post, had to be what over in the UK we call a "lung" don't know if anywhere else would be familiar with them but basically u get a 2l bottle, cut in half, save the top half and get an elastic band and attach a sandwich bag to the bottom of it, then make a bowl using foil (we were only about 13 at the time lol) then pull the bag to milk it up, then remove the bowl and hit lol don't know what we was thinking but no papers equals limited choices lol
  16. why sketch in chicago. cops dont care and its decriminalized. i live in cook county and chicago is in cook.
    so.... you're from the suburbs, that doesn't help your argument at all
  18. yea but I grew up there and live like 15 mins from downtown lol
    still confused about your location, nowhere is "15 minutes from downtown" that's not in the city

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