Most Serene\"Spiritual" Experience?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ClassicMike, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Spiritual isn't the best descriptor, but I mean anything that has made you feel at peace on a metaphysical level.

    Mine was probably the most memorable moment I've had high. I just went and sat in my backyard one night to look at the stars and slowly the sky started to look 2D and I felt like I had painted it, then everything else became part of the painting and my yard felt like a constructed terrarium or something that was a very small part of an incredibly immense whole. It made me feel very in control knowing that there was a system at work and I was consciously creating a reality within it, although I didn't know if I was making the rules or just following them. These have been my existential views for a while but it's one thing to think it, it's another thing to feel it.
  2. Going to the hidden reservoir by my house, being surrounded by the woods with the light of the setting sun filtering itself through the pure, green leaves, making them glow. Looking over the water at the pink sky and seeing the first stars poke out with their blue fire, and feeling the soft thrum of positive energy all around. Either that or seeing shooting stars at the same place. At night, the reflection of stars on the water make it look like you're on a floating strip of land, real spiritually activated place.
  3. laying on the ground looking straight up at the sky on unmentionables. Incredible.

  4. ive experienced this but you put it into words, its sick:smoking:
  5. I absolutely love walking through the woods high when there had just been a big snowfall the night before. The piles of snow on top of all the branches look so incredible it makes the trees look naturally white and if you look through the trees it seems to go on forever like a maze. I get so lost in the peacefulness of it that I forget all my worries. It's even more amazing if it's still lightly snowing, there's no wind what so ever, and comfortably cold out.

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