Most Scariest Experience?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by America11, May 11, 2014.

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    What was the scariest experience of your life to date?
    Mine was probably when I was working and got held up at gunpoint. I honestly thought the guy was going to shoot.

  2. Being shot at in a land far far away.

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  3. Thats fucked up.
    Mine was when my 3rd child was born and was taken to the intensive care unit and was there for about 4 days.
  4. Numerous near misses. I drive about 30,000 miles a year. I see a lot...

    Also saw a man get burned alive. He flipped his BMW convertible into a ditch. Thing just blew up. Pretty fucked up.
    That's why I take my time driving. Not worth my life...
  5. I got offered a job once
  6. Those few times I died.
  7. The Horror. :laughing:
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    Um having a knife held to my throat 7 different times by my friend over the course of elementary-middle school years. He had a really bad temper then because he was rich and spoiled and I loved to make fun of him for being fat. Although we were good friends if I pushed him over the edge he would threaten me with one of the like 20 different knives in his room.

    Kind of similar to Kyle and cartman actually. He has been my best friend, ever since he stopped his temper shit in like 7th grade
  9. Back in highschool getting searched with a quarter in my bag, got away scott free somehow.  Although have been in some scary situations with guns and knives but I didn't feel very scared at the time, looking back it could have ended worse.
  10. Oh and being pulled over 50 yards from my home when I was high and my car reeked. Got pulled over for a headlight being out and got let off with a warning thank god
  11. Got caught in a Tornado while on a bridge, Thought I was a goner, I prayed like a mofo while it was happening .

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