Most scared I have ever been

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  1. Okay this is the frist story i've posted up on theese forums and even though I don't think its as good as most of the awesome stories up on here its okay. Me and 5 of my freinds were at one of our houses and we were hitting his 4 foot bong and then another one of my freinds came with his car, I sad hey we should go get some whippets so he was like okay that sounds good, so me, him, and another freind go to the suprmarket, In the parking lot we see 2 police cars and since he was driving really fast in the parking lot we decide to just go to another supermarket because he had a quarter of weed on him. When we pull out of the parking lot one of the cars follow us, then we see another police car pull up behind him and start following us, we just take random turns hoping that they will turn the other way but another car follows so now we have 3 cars behind us, then we see another police car coming towards us that does a U-Turn in the middle of the street and joins the now 4 police cars following us, we take alot of starnge turns into streets but they keep following us, were all high and panicking but we try to drive as carefully as possible, at one point at a red light 2 cars pulled up on either side of us and stared at us through the windows, they saw our faces and we just looked straight pretending not to notice them. As soon as the light turned green we went straight and every police car turned left. Still don't know what happened, but Im glad we didnt get caught.
  2. ahahaha sounds crazy
  3. Best thing to do in that situation is to pull over, get out, and lock the doors. Not a thing they can do then.
  4. oh yea that actually sounds like a much better solution then what we did haha, I was way to high to be thinking straight though haha
  5. haha sounds like someting from super troopers
  6. that's crazy. are you sure they were all cop cars? if you were really high, you might have been imagining would be funny if it was all just coincidence though. All the cop cars in that area called to the scene of a crime, and all just happen to take the same route that a car full of stoners takes to get some food....
  7. until you get detained. getting out of a car right there and locking is suspicious activity, and for the police protection there aloud to detaine you in handcuffs while they search your car.
  8. haha wow man thats really scary. I would of pissed myself, they probably just had fun trying to intimidate u too
  9. Ahah, tons of cars just following you...maybe they were trying to see if you were driving all slow and shit.

  10. how is it suspicious to get out and lock your car at a supermarket?
  11. I think he means if had pulled over after the cops had been following them.
  12. [ame=""]YouTube - Super troopers Littering and...[/ame]
  13. Shoulda just found a parking lot///resteraunt and pulled in and pretended you were getting something to eat so they would stop following you.
  14. haha Im sure they were cop cars haha, it was crazy, in my opinion they were looking for someone in that area and they thought it was us so they followed us then when they got a look at our faces and realized we didnt match the descrpition they left us alone.
  15. heres the deal you played it cool. cops cant pull you over for assuming your bad the 4 cops were there so they make you scared and you break a law. once you broke a law they woulda pulled you over said yuo did this and this oh and we think you have pot and you woulda been fucked
  16. just dont leave the keys in the car or else your stuck sorta hopin that theyre gonna stop for ya lol
  17. They were probably just bored and decided to fuck with some kids haha.
  18. haha yeah, id probably do the same haha

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