Most Safe Seed Banks That Accept Cash?

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  1. What is the most safest seed bank to order seeds from that accept cash? I want a good selection of seeda and i dont want my money to get stole and i need a gurantee that the seeds will arrive. I was considering the attitude seed bank but idk if they accept cash. My plans were a prepaid credit card but apparently they dont work. I need to order but i cant use a credit or debit card.
  2. Look up peekseeds.bc

    Small selection but theyre reliable.

    They sent me free seeds years ago for being a med patient and needing them.
  3. i don't think any of them want cash. international money order is better.
  4. How would i do a international money order and how do i do one? I was considering the attitude seed bank do they accept international money orders or cash? Do international money orders leave a record on me?

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  5. You need to read the options on their site. All the info is there.

    Same for any seed site, all are different and will have specific instructions.
  6. All seed banks accept cash...I believe one or two actually give discounts for cash.
  7. Yeah but attitude has very vague info. Ive just been doing research on all kinds of sites and it seems damn near impossible to order without a credit or debit card which i dont have
  8. Contact the seedbank you want to order from and see if they will let you send cash. I've sent cash to a few, no coins and money in their own currency. Most would rather not accept cash but I've even paid cash for things on GC.
    I pay by bank transfer these days, fook stealth.
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    We're (Gorilla Seed Bank at currently giving a 20% discount for cash orders.
    No matter where you decide to order, wrap your cash in some plain paper so it's not so obvious, send it using tracked mail so you know it gets there & (where possible) insure it for at least the amount you sent in case it gets lost or stolen along the way.
    I don't think any of the big seed banks would steal your money, but your envelope will go through lots of hands before it gets there.
    edit - so far, we're not charging for guaranteed shipment & you also get an advantage as a member of a sponsored forum - if you run into a problem, you can bypass our normal customer service department and ask questions here via pm to this userid. sometimes, we can help you ourselves - other times, we have to go back to customer service ourselves, but at least you know know we're on it.
  10. If I was going to send cash I would go with Sannies. Its the only form they accept, they have a great rep and excellent genetics.

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