Most ridiculous excuse for red-eyes/cottonmouth/weed smell?

Discussion in 'General' started by NoLiM3, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. What's up GC :smoke:

    I know you have all came up with some weird bizarre last minute excuses for the side effects we get from tokin the good shit, whether it was to your parents or your girlfriend/boyfriend or parole officer, shit.. anything runs..

    one time my family was all gathered up and noticed my eyes so i was like: "i had been sweating and the sweat went into my eyes and irritated them really bad" lmao

    whether they believed it or not, i was just laughing about how last-second that was and how ridiculous lol.. although it COULD happen.. another one:

    Once it smelled like bud a lot in the house and my wife smelled it, it was signficant and i couldnt think of anything to say so i was like "i seen some kids smoking outside of the window and maybe the smell got in or something"... the thing is that we were in a 3rd floor window so that wasnt TOO believable but fuck it i rolled with it :D lol

  2. If you're walking somewhere in a room filled with people that might look at you then you're suppose to pretend to have a crazy yawn attack. It'll get your eyes watery and redish.

    Or you can pretend to rub them repeatedly saying that something got into your eye(s)
  3. i was drinking lemonade and shit got out of control and it ended up in my eyes
  4. I was raped by skunks and started crying.
  5. Why are your eyes red? Because I'm allergic to your bitchin.
  6. Dry contacts is my classic excuse.
  7. My high sodium diet is dangerous so in order to rid myself of some of the sodium i must punch myself in the nose which makes my eyes watery and red.
  8. If I'm all high and moping around like I do, I'll say something like, "ughh I'm soo tired." or that my allergies are bad.

    Allergies=classic excuse.
  9. I was staring at the sun. Or I rubbed soap in them, on mistake.
  10. my main excuse.
  11. its a coldsore.. never had one before so i started to cry
  12. lmao yeah i've rubbed my eyes and used that as an excuse.. but one time it backfired because my eyes werent TOO red to begin with and me rubbing them turned them worse so i got questioned even more..

    back when i was in highschool and i was coming home i would call my mom and tell her that theres some construction being done around the school and that a lot of dust has gotten into my eyes.. after a few times i used this she was just like "so basically youre warning me that your eyes are red, im not stupid i know you smokin again" lmao
  13. lmao, i was gonna give you some rep but it said I need to spread it before I can rep you again
  14. I made up an excuse that i was allergic to my buddies cats even though im not
  15. I usually put in eye drops, but if I dont have em, and someone happens to ask or suspect, I usually say allergies, I'm really allergic to cats.

    But usually people don't even question.
  16. also, if i come home blazed and go in the shower and my eyes are still red afterwards ill just be like "shampoo dripped inside my eyes"

    the "rubbing them" excuse always works as well, you can only use it so many times before somebody catches onto you lol
  17. Good idea for a thread lol

    One time when i was in school my friend called me and told me he wants to smoke me up. Anyway I get to his place and he has this new bong and we get extremely fucked up, like to the point of looking at his dog and burst out laughing. Yeah so my mom calls me and says I must go shopping with her for groceries and shit. Im like fuck, but pull myself together and walk home.

    Now the night before I was at a party and drinking a lot, long story short I threw up that much that my eyes were extremely blood shot afterwards. So when I went shopping my mom asks whats wrong and I say it was from throwing up last night and my eyes stayed the same wtf was I thinking lol.
  18. I was cutting onions earlier
  19. Just been to swimming pool, got chlorine in em...

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