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Most Reliable Seed Banks that send to U.S.A

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by electrode, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. I said I had just put my 3rd order in with www.dope-seeds.com on the 16th. I received 11 healthy looking ch9 the Jack seeds. This is supposed to be the fastest growing, very strong, all female seeds from ch9. It took 11 days which is the longest I have ever had to wait for anything from Jim at dope-seeds. DO NOT be afraid to use him and get your free quality seeds with almost every order. Everything over $50. ch9 is having a special. Good luck to all the growers!
  2. i ordered my seeds from hgs on the 7th and still don't have anything???? I talked to him and said he resent them on friday... Ill keep you guys posted to see what really happens.
  3. Do they shipping to the USA? You didn't say if they did.
  4. Haha i think u got the second part mixed up heretic!!! Someone bag this black man
  5. I am happy to agree with obejii. I put my first order in with marijuana-seeds.nl a few weeks ago and they arrived on christmas eve - nice present. Got 6 started straight away and 5 have popped so far :D
  6. check out www.seedbankupdate.com. They have lists on opinions and experience with many different seedbanks. THey also tell you what ships to the US and other countries. Hope it helps a little
  7. I am from the USA and it is illegal to possess THC in my particular state. I don't care, never have! Should be legalized anyway. I order from "The Ministry of Cannabis"
    Great seeds, great smoke. My greenthumb says so..
  8. first post ever on GC, and you recommend a seed bank that no one's ever heard of...? :confused:

  9. Maybe, but they don't take credit cards. That means I have no recourse if they do rip me off.

    Will not order from them till they get into the 21st century.

  10. they're just covering their ass and ensuring there is no record of who has bought from them. makes it safer for you as well. regardless, i can assure you HGS is 100% legit, and have amazing customer service (i had some germination issues with one of their batches and they instantly sent me another order free of charge).
  11. You have never heard of "The Ministry of Cannabis"????? That is the only seed bank I order from. Don't take my word for it though. Check them out for yourself and see... I am a newbie to GC but not to growing some killer dank bro. I was only offering some safe advice, nothing more. I have never had a problem with the Ministry. DJ
    Ministry of Cannabis - Cannabis Seeds
  12. The Ministry of Cannabis is the only seedbank that I personally trust. I ordered some Little Devil, A.K.A (the original lowryder), and got them within 2 weeks all the way from Zepplin, Amsterdam. Don't take my word for it though, check them out! Every seed I ever got from The Ministry has germinated wonderfully! The final results are amazing! What dank nuggets!!! Ministry of Cannabis - Cannabis Seeds

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