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Most Reliable Seed Bank Online?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by bluntman121, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering what the most reliable online female seed bank is?
    Thank you for your advice.
  2. Right now it seems like The Attitude and Highgrade Seeds. Attitude sells many breeder's seeds, Highgrade breeds his own.
  3. I would have to give a thumbs up for the Attitude right now too.
    The main thing place your order very carefully, making sure your info is correct and youve order the right strain.
    Then just sit back and be patient.
    Odds are your order will be just fine.
    I have an order from the attitude right now myself.
    Apparently they are on a xmas break till this monday.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. Ive used bc seeds 7 times all with great success. They have a deal on now if u spend over $100 then you get 10 free feminized train wreck seeds which is quite nice. Link is below

  5. ninja everyone says stay away from b.c.seeds.com there a scam site they will take your money and never send shit i speak from experience sent money packaged tight taped sides on envelope money wraped in graphite the whole nine yards ..... And.... Nothing... Only answer is they got my cash and kept it.... Plain and simple......... Check around their not doing people right especially people from the usa

  6. your right i should have been more clear. I only use them because there warehouse is 3 hours away from me. Its very convenient. I get my seeds in less then a week. But i have heard alot of rips on orders to the US. But if your in canada definitely recommend that site.
  7. Here are the top 5 seeds banks to order from

    1. Seedboutique
    2. Seedbay
    3. Hempdepot
    4. Dr. Chronic
    5. The attitude or Highgrade seeds
  8. Are you ranking those in order of your personal preference?
  9. marijuana-seeds.nl has been really good to me and my boyfriend so far. Nothing but positive reviews for the,. We've ordered from there several times, and not only is everything shipped out almost immediately, but they ALWAYS arrive. Nothing has gotten held up by the feds yet, and none of the seeds come damaged. Love the c.d cases they're shipped in. Great seed bank for sure.

    Ordered from PlanetSkunk just recently. Waiting to see how that transaction goes ...

  10. How did your order from planetskunk.com Go??

    Please inform us members
  11. The Attitude and Seedboutique are DEFINATELY recommended. Both shipped within a week, 10/10. I've also searched high and low for a bad review on both, can't find ANY
  12. Hi bluntman121,

    Good choice in seeking advice on reliable seed suppliers. Try to go with someone who's advocates have good personal experience with. Quality seeds can be pricey, and getting ripped-off sucks Big Time (personal experience).

    Tressie :wave:
  13. Ive heard that there is actually 2 BC Seeds out there and one of them is a scam and one is legit. I could be mistaken this with another popular bank but I believe it was this one.

    On a side note I have used Attitude and will continue to, I have had good customer service from them and not mention they have competitive pricing and several nice freebies.
  14. Yah that would be bcbuddepot and bcseedking both rip off sites.
  15. Yes one of them even looks like the legit site. Bastards
  16. I use BCseedking. Many orders with no problems. When customs snagged it, they replaced for FREE. I won't use anyone else.

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