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Most reliable ph meter?Need a new meter but which one?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by med6006, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I have purchased a couple ph meters and both have been junk: (Digital pH Meter Tester Hydroponic Aquarium w/ 2 Buffer - eBay (item 180641596997 end time Mar-20-11 09:22:18 PDT)

    and OAKTON DIGITAL PH TESTER METER ECOTESTER PH-1 control - eBay (item 170606228340 end time Mar-22-11 11:25:31 PDT)

    I didnt purchase them from ebay,just used that for reference.I payed top dollar at my local hydro store!The Oakton worked good for about a month then wouldnt calibrate correctly.The cheaper yellow meter worked better but isnt made to last very long.(poor quality)I keep them clean and stored in the recommended solution but still havent had any luck on a lasting meter.

    Just looking for suggestions on a good ph meter to buy.Which one do you use?How much did you pay?How long have you had it?
  2. This is what I just got : HM Waterproof Meter

    I went from some horrible non-waterproof one. The HM has a auto calibrate feature and is good up to .01 pH....

    I don't know if the HM TDS or HM pH meter has the auto calibrate actually, but they are both easy and seem the best made.

    Make sure you get pH / ORP electrode solution and a Calibration liquid!
  3. Hi 98129
  4. I personally like the bluelab i use the combo meter and the guardian.. but they got ones that do just ph and ppm in wand stick that are real nice.

    they have been very accurate taking readings from my experience
  5. Hanna is the way to go, hands down most reliable in my opinion.
  6. Had the same problem with my Oakton. Turned out that it was the batteries that were bad, replaced them and everything went back to normal and has been for more than a year now.
  7. I have a Hanna "Checker" and it was good for awhile but the thing has some wild swings. I bought a Milwaukee off of Amazon for about 20$ and has been holding a solid 7 in the cali. solution everytime. My Hanna I would have to calibrate it twice a day.
    From what I have read, there really isnt a rock solid, reliable ph meter. You have to care for them like an infant and there just as sensitive lol.:smoke:
  8. I have a nice ph pen and the bluelabs combo Meter. The bluelab is so reliable I'll never look back. And great customer service too, the model I bought off amazon had a defective ph pen so bluelab sent a whole new replacement pretty fast.
  9. Milwaukee m802 combo meter very reliable and the customer service can't be beat I dropped mine in the drink (didn't tell'em) but first they sent a new probe which fixed the prob until I left it in my rooms at 70% humidity then the cap fell off and it dried and went haywire real waywire. milwaukee's cust serv which is a lab tech not a secretary he took the time to go thru some tests over the phone before having me send the unit in. the thing was back in 3 days. brand new unit no ?s asked at all. except what I was using it for nutrient or pool type application .
    the thing is my baby now I tuck it in to bed after ever use. oh and I started with that oakton pos . lasted 9 months if that.
  10. Milwaukee MW 802... It is fucking awesome...

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