Most reliable, best stealth, and most affordable seedbank for someone shipping to the West Coast US?

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  1. I've been looking at Attitude and had my order all picked out, but then I started reading stories of a lot of people getting their beans seized by customs, especially post 2014. Are there any seedbanks that people have used recently, that people could recommend? I've looked at Seedbanks within the US to possibly avoid customs, but the prices look awfully terrible comparatively. Where should I get seeds shipped from in 2017? There aren't enough up to date discussions on this. Thanks all.
  2. U.S. Seed Banks


    D.C. Seed Exchange

    Great Lakes Genetics

    Green Point Seeds
    Greenpoint Seeds Bank

    James Bean Co
    JamesBeanCompany | Online source for CBD genetics

    Lumberjack Seed Source
    LumberJack SS

    Neptune Seed Bank!home/c1dxd

    Oregon Elite Seeds

    Oregon Green Seeds

    Reliable Seed Bank

    Ript Genetics

    Seed Vault Of California
  3. I ordered from Herbies Head Shop and got mine in a week. No problems at all. I am in the Southern US. Herbies also gives free seeds with every order. Very discrete packaging, you should have no trouble either.
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  4. Nirvana Seeds got to me in 10 days and i'm in cali :)
  5. They told me online they didnt ship to the US. It may have just been a mess up with their site. I saw they had great selections so I will try again. Herbies did me right though so these may be my main 2 sites to order from.
  6. No issues with Bonza and The Single Seed Center for me..Lots of breeders and you can buy singles..
    True North in Canada too but pricey!!
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  7. One thing for sure though, if it is top quality, it is worth paying more for. Just like tools, you buy a cheap one and not too long later you are buying another, buy a pricey with life time warranty , you dont gotta worry about it. So what Im saying is paying more for top quality seeds means you shouldnt have to buy another because of not germinating or poor quality. With the cheap stuff you spend more if it is no good than what you origionally pay for the one top quality to begin with. Thanks for the info on another legit seed bank, pricey or not I have more options when ordering now.
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