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most relaxing way to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rpg, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. sure, a bong is great for getting stoned, but i dont think its very relaxing. all that bending over and shit. na, i would much prefer to sit on my fuckin comfy chair on my balcony and watch the sunset or some shit, or watch all the freshmen walking along the street looking for parties. all the while smokin a fuckin blunt with a few of my boys. either that, if im alone, just smoke a j to my face. its just much more chill

    what do you guys think?
  2. I love to pop an oxy and smoke a few joints on my back porch
    it's so peaceful and quiet.
  3. well blunts are relaxing but to me a bong is too...i dont have to bend over to hit my bong tho...i just bring it to my mouth...

    nothing like loading a bowl and sitting in the bed passing the bong back and forth watching tv taking huge rips..
  4. I prefer my pipe, don't have a bong and tbh it's too much work to lug a heavy thing like that around. Prefer to just have a nice easy pipe. And I dislike wasting weed on joints/blunts.
  5. a fat dutch just sitting in a comfy chair, to the head is the best fo sho.

  6. I dont like pipes, too harsh.........i think a big flavoured blunt is my fav
  7. It's just relaxing to have a J or blunt because its always on cherry.

    A pipe is too harsh and a blunt is not? lol.
  8. .3 gram Snoddy Chillum and my stash jar. The fresh taste of bud watching a football game on the couch.

  9. for me yea lol
  10. joints are deffinatly the most relaxing way to smoke i mean its nice to just sit back and chill with a nice j lol a bong i would say is the least relaxing way because its heavier and u have to bend over and stuff and a j you can just lay down or whatever and chillllll
  11. Yea i don't get how people say smoking out of a pipe is any harsher than a blunt or joint. It's all smoke so how could it be any harsher?
  12. pipe is very hot smoke, a blunt or j, is easier to take easy hits off of.
  13. temperature!
  14. I love just sitting on the deck in the back of my house listening to my Ipod and smoking out of my pipe. Sometimes even without the Ipod just the sounds of nature are relaxing. I do agree on bongs too-its not as fun as smoking out of a pipe just passing it to people, with a bong its not as convenient and doesn't get very far.
  15. Well my top three fav ways to smoke and relax are as follows.

    1. Pack a huuuge bowl, put on some mgmt or bone thugs n harmony, and just sit in my chair and toke.
    2. Hot Boxing my car on one of the back roads around here when it's nice and warm and sunny.
    3. Roll a joint and then walk through the woods and spark up and enjoy beautiful mother earth.

    ooo the possibilities :]

  16. Amen brother.
  17. I have a hammock out in the back proch and i usually go out there during sunrise with a j or a blunt and just chillllll out. So relaxing.
  18. In the bathtub, browsing GC on Laptop/Blackberry, with the lights off, watching some horror flick on the bathroom TV.

    I do it almost daily. It's nice. 2 bowls, then 2 cigarettes. Then 1 more bowl before the movie ends, and one more cig before I leave the bathroom.

    But that's just me.

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