Most rebellious thing you did as a kid?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Raoul II, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Anyone ever run away from home or something of the like? These stories are always exciting.
  2. one time i rode my bike to wawa to get an elements of the sun. Cactus juice called rain if i do recall correctly. Got caught tho:(
  3. Same as that other dude...smoked but I didn't know she didn't care.
  4. I got blitzed one time on the same night I got caught smoking and given a huge talk about my grades :cool:

    Oh haha, and that same time, my mom made me give her what was left of my 8th and I ran outside and sold my friend a dime bag then went back in and gave her like 1.5 :D
  5. Gave my boyfriend blowjobs every morning before class underneath the stage in the auditorium.

    Then, later in the day, I'd forge a note to get dismissed, sneak off with him, smoke weed, and go back to his house and fuck. Then we'd both go back to the school for jazz band rehearsal. Somedays he'd have to practically carry me into rehearsal because my legs were too shaky from riding him for so long. :p

    This was all while I was forbidden to see him. :devious:

  6. Awesome

  7. WaWa :wave:
  8. Lit the American Flag (huge one) in my garage when i was 5, got cought
    Drove my gmoms car round the neighborhood round round 7, got cought
  9. Lit my uncles barn on fire when i was 9.
  10. wow, i wish i had a gf like you :(
    you two are fucking insane lol
  11. Well I lit Los Angeles on fire!!!
  12. i went over the hill with this girl when i was 6-7 maybe 8 (small town) and had a campfire, her dad came running over the hill just as she was asking me the " Ill show your mine if you show me yours" kinda thing, he busted my ass for the fire, he also toll me about the birds and the bees, (ackward) it was scary at the time but its mad funny when i think about it.
  13. I know i'll probably get bitched at on here for this, but yes i used to be a young asshole. Back in like 8th grade, when "anarchy" was cool, me and my friends went out TP'ing one night. It started out harmless enough, but one of my friends had the idea to chuck rocks at the school we went to. We ended up breaking out like 6 windows and the school was on a manhunt to find who did it. We never got caught, but i still feel like a dick to this day for doing it. Ha, even though that school was horrible.
  14. Now you guys have me reminiscing on old times. Another day, back around 8th grade or so, my parents left the house and my two buddies came over. We didn't smoke back then and were really bored. So we ended up lining up like 60 or so bottle rockets in my garage, and pouring a line of gas over them that trailed off back to us. We hid behind trashcans and had garbage can lids as shields to try to dodge the rockets. Well, we ended up using WAY too much gas and the fire blazed into like a tornado, scorching the roof and spreading out of control. Somehow though, we managed to douse the fire and dodge the rockets without any firefighters getting word or my house burning down. Fun times.
  15. i drained my whole towns water tower..
    i opened 5 hydrantes on one street..
    o ya it was like a small lake after like 15 mins..
    never got caught
  16. i was smokin in the house since i was 15.then they found out.
    then i was grounded but kept smokin.
    by the time i was 17 my mum would come and drink coffee with me and smoke on the mornings of my finals(im talkin about ciggs)

    also i got expelled from school twice for smokin ,one of these times it was me and 6 other mum had freaked out so bad..

    last i pierced my nose ,my low lip and my bellybotton before i become 18 actually last piercing i had(bellybotton) was when i was was a bit of a shock in the house

    now about being naughty and such i think the worst was that i enjoyed painting my hoses walls when i was 3-4.
    i still remember the last wall i tried to paint(or better scratch cause they had taken away all my crayons at some point) and how my dad cought me while doing it..i never did it again(except my room)

    also one time my mum was lookin for my for a whole night.i was 15 and got drunk..and i dont remember that night actually/i just remember dancing then nothing then my suckd...

    ive done many things actually..i think that i wasnt that nice as a teen.:)
  17. My dad taught me how to use a blowtorch when I turned 5, and I took it once when they were on a walk and started a woods fire behind our house. Luckily they got back shortly afterwards and put it out.

    I was a mean bastard, and between the ages of 3-5 I hit my sister in the head with a hammer (twice), whacked my mom in the face with a stick (she had an eyepatch for 6 months), and did a lot of other dangerous shit to my sisters.

    In middle school we used to do a team variation of ring-n-run. One person would go ring the doorbell, and 3 of us would be about 50 yards away manning one of those huge water balloon launchers. We got the timing down perfectly on that thing, and had to evade to 5-0 numerous times due to very pissed off residents.

    Oddly enough, I grew out of my asshole stage and am a pretty laid back, nice guy now.
  18. i remember seeing kids doing that, and the bull handle bar bikes, you place a rubber band infront and make paper wasps, FUN TIMES
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    Haha. Off topic as well, but you reminded me of this time me and my old friend Matt were playing with bottle rockets as well. I was around age 10 and I had for some reason decided that shooting the bottle rockets out of a plastic pepsi bottle would be a good idea. After a bottle rocket or two, as you may have guessed, the bottom of the bottle had melted away. Normally this is not such a big deal but we hit jackpot that day.

    Sitting not 2 feet away from our bottomless bottle was probably 500 bottle rockets all still in their packs. Well, somehow our one bottle rocket managed to explode right on our stash and I kid you not for 5 minutes straight we were dodging bottle rockets. It was super scary at the time, but looking back, it's pretty cool.

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