Most potent, most mold resistant, and the easiest to grow outdoor?

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  1. Hi,
    I want to grow outdoor and want to know what strain by what company
    has following requirements covered, no order in priority.

    Most potent.
    Most mold resistant.
    Easiest to grow.

  2. I also want to plant early and harvest early. So I can grow something later in the summer.
  3. green poison...huge yields...7 wk flowering time...and extremely mold resistant...made my sweet seeds..just stocked up for my summer grow :)
  4. Greenpoison.. I find many negative reviews on its effect, it's not poisonous?
  5. hmmm ive found mostly good reviews...mostly b/c of the high yields...but i find there is not a ton of info out there...just seems to be a heavy yielding plant...popular in a lot of commercial grows
  6. I am not really looking for yield, as you can see in my first post.
    Well, thanks for your reply anyways..
  7. Sharksbreath is pretty strong grow.
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    kenny, we need a little more info. What is your lattitude and average frost dates? What kind of weed do you like? An uplifting sativa or a red eyed couchlocking indica?

    early, easy to grow, potent and mould resistant.

    Biddy early fems by Magus are stellar plants and smoke to be so early They finish mid to late sept with an 8oz's pp yeild. The plants have a lovely vanilla type smell and taste. Delicious. Easy to grow. I grew 2 packs last year and was impressed. It has a pleasant balance high, not couchlock, not uplifting, just a nice balance. A good daytime weed.

    C99 is hard to find feminized, but it's about the most potent sativa money can buy that will finish by the end of sept. The strain can be sweat inducing. Its a little too exciting for me, i enjoy relaxation and smoking c99 for me is like sticking my wet finger in a light socket. Others love having the crap scared out of them so the plant is legendary and has many fans. Moderate yield. Pinapple undertaste. Check out Joeyweed. His Northern lightsXc99 is killer shit.

    The most potent indica that ive been able to find is Sensi star. Ive been growing it every year since 1999. Ive grown well over 100 storebought strains outdoors over the years and nothing i can find measures up to SS. The fems have a couple of pheno's. A christmas tree shaped plant that grows to 2m/7' and yields 10ozs that finishes end of sept and another pheno that is bushier, shorter that finishes 10 days later, Oct 12 or so. Both plants are a 2x 4 to the head. Heavy, all day use will leave one in a drunken, red eyed, stupor. Balance and vision. Dont drive or operate heavy machinery. Twinkies and the remote are all the accessories you need with SS. Shes a hasmakers dream. When the sun is high the plants look wet with dew from resin.

    Good luck with your plans!
  9. Hi, thanks for replies.

    clodhopper, you sound like an experienced grower..

    My latitude is aprox 50N.

    I like any effect, as long as it's powerful. Potency is more important than kinds of effect.
    If you don't like my answer, let's say I want couchlocking body stoned.

    I am very much interested in Sensi Star.. By Paradise Seeds, right?
    Sounds good except it's not so early in flowering, also not sure how mold & fungus resistant it is. Could you let me know plz?

    I love driving my car when I am stoned, makes me feel like I am a spaceship pilot:D
  10. Durban Poison. You can urinate on it for water and the bugger will still grow strong. Fairly impressive yields. 100% Sativa too ;)

    No idea which company sells the best seeds for it though. Some of them sell it as a cross between two different strains and comes with a Sativa/Indica mix. Which I would not accept
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    Green Poison is an excellent choice.It clones very easy, flowers fast and as mentioned has big yields.As for the buzz it's couch lock if left to grow out completely or can be harvest a week early for an energetic buzz.It's mold resistant as hell due to the short flower period.Canadian Big bud is a good choice and the Two pounder seems to have the traits you desire as well.

    2 Pounder - Kiwi Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    Big Bud - Nirvana Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

    Green Poison - Sweet Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds

  12. dont do this LOL

    although im sure its just a metaphor;)

  13. Oh lol, yes it was :D

    I find it so hard to convey tone in text :eek:
  14. i got where you were coming from, but sometimes the new guys take suggestions literally:rolleyes:lol
  15. I think you only need to be too dumb to do that, not whether anyone is new or old:)
  16. oh trust me ive seen posts asking some bizarre questions around those lines. usually its just some poor kid trying to get by with some ease way of growing. i wasn't referring it to you brotha:)

    but yes, not pissing on your plants goes without saying lol
  17. No Pro, thanks for helping out. Peace.

    Smoking NYC Diesel now. Less satisfied than what I expected.. Thought it used to be stronger..
  18. hey kennyk

    Paradise claims you can grow SStar at 50n, but having grown both the regs and the fems, i think theyre fudging. At your lat, SS wont fininsh until late sept. It has decent mould resistance but in the last 2 weeks when the buds are thick, she's touchy.

    The biddy is still a good choice if potency is critical. Also the Green poison.
  19. I would say to definitely check out iranian short season. It's a very early flowering strain and it does great outdoors. Haven't seen one bad thing about it around the various stoning forums.
  20. Great info, thanks guys.
    I don't know what I am going to grow yet.
    Busy with my indoor plants now..

    BTW, I smoked Vanilla Kush by Barney's Farm yesterday.
    Great stuff, I want to grow that one or LSD.

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