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most potent highest yielding blue strain from attitude?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by ddemn, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. the reason i ask is i grew some dutch treat x dutch treat awhile back that yielded pretty good but potency was'nt there and i grew blueberry from nirvana and it suck'd all the way around, i read somewhere that blue and purple strains need cold temp's to really make the color come out but that also lower's potency, any experienced suggestions would be greatly appreciate.
  2. find a purple strain, search for Purp pheno, when found , grow & harvest till you have killer pot in huge yields.

    AKA yield and potency, all come with experience.
  3. thanks for the help, i have about 20 yrs. experience is that good enough?
  4. You have to understand the "I want the highest yeilding most potent purple/blue frostiest superdupercrazy bud in the world, what bean do I pick" question gets asked all the time and is pretty unrealistic.

    Your best bet would to be to find a potent strain that has purple/blue potential, and work towards maxing yield through various techniques and garden set ups based on what best suits that strain. Like warf was commenting, experience with a strain and what growing conditions suit it best is how you will maximize yield and potency.

    If I am puting words in your mouth warf, please step in :)
  5. ^^about sums it up.^^
  6. I like skywalker from dutch passion. grew a while back and the yield wasn't great but the smoke was the best ive ever had.
  7. Me too. Skywalker and Blueberry.....mmmmm
  8. As far as getting blue or purple flowers, it will be all about phenotypes. You might have to go through 20-30 seeds trying to get completely purple buds. I think a blue-ish hue is going to be a lot easier than purple, however purple leaves are a lot more common than blue leaves.

    I'd stick with a recommended blueberry strain, or something with "purple" in the name (grand daddy purps, da purps, etc). Also the Pakistan Chitral Kush is supposed to have a good % of purple phenotypes. If you breed your own that might help with the phenotype search as well.

  9. I'd like to put something in Warf's mouth :hello:

    Hahahaha. Before anyone says anything gross, I am a woman.

    I need to figure out how to put a bow on my skunks head in the avatar, I get called him, dude, man, mang, sir, and asshole way too much.
  10. In that case, you can stick some of that bacon in my mouth! And I've always dug the Bourdain quote.

    Skywalker and blueberry are delicious, but I haven't found either to be as potent as other stuff out there. Haven't seen a lot of colorful skywalker though, atleast not commercially. Skywalker X OG Kush (skywalker OG) packs a punch though :smoke:

  11. :eek: , I Boobies!!

    of course we all knew you were talking about a joint.;) ( cuz that shuts me up ...:smoke:)

    pretty sure the male references are because your name looks like "Skunk Daddy" (I did too for a bit :eek:). I figured it for a Potter reference after Your post about your kids in some thread dealing about how to deal with kids and pot .. I think :devious:

    EDIT : and A.B. in India is the best episode IMHO
  12. #12 Norcali, Oct 26, 2011
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    So... the Rajastan episode? Or Kalkuta-Bombay? Kerala?

    Rajistan obviously! I love it when he goes to a "bhang shop" and get some "special" drinks and asks the guy the different strengths:

    "...then we have medium, normally strong, super duper sexy strong, and then full power, 24 hour, no toilet, no shower":D

    I'd go with option D everyday of the week :laughing::smoke: The chocolate and cookies look bomb too haha. They are all good episodes. Big fan of that show.

    Sorry to derail OP! Think you got your question answered though.
  13. thoughts of bhang shop and an MP3 player full of The Dead makes Wharf happy..........

    sounds like I need to catch up, Anthony has fallen behind with shows like SoA, Boardwalk, GoT, and Storage Wars ( WTF!!! why is that show addictive !?!?!?!) crowding my recorder.

    and yeah man, we trashed this poor members thread... think I will rep 4 it.

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