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most potent food

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by BobaFett420, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. how do you make the most potent kind of edible? i got about a half oz of buds to spare. is canna butter the way to go?
  2. cannabutter then make pasta broooooooooooooooooooooooo
  3. i remember this one time i ate half a cookie and i could barely walk up stairs. does anyone know how to make cookies that will FUCK YOU UP?
  4. cannabutter is pretty necessary for just about every edible....
  5. Yea just make cannabutter and but it into anything that requires butter. Just add a butt ton of weed and it will be very potent
  6. Coconut oil or something with fat.

    Go to Paleo Edibles potent oil thread
  7. ok i need conversions like how much weed to butter i should use. and i want to put almost a gram in each cookie so someone should do the math.
  8. Haha i like it someone else do it :)

    Put the bud in microwave for 1 min check and see if its crumbly. If its not go 20 more sec or so you should smell the bud. Thats the terpenes being released not thc or nething.

    Now place 1/3 cup of coconut oil or peanut oil in the pan. Turn on medium heat. Let the oil heat and add your bud to the mixture. Add a tad bit more oil if its not spread out evenly but not to much...

    Cook on medium tell bud is dark brown so about 5-8 min mix all that shit weed and all into mix and get fucked up!
  9. Hey man, DEFINITELY use coconut oil. It has the highest saturated fat content, way higher than compared to butter, and is MUCH easier to cook with. Because THC binds to fat, you have more surface area for THC to be absorbed into the oil, meaning danker bud. I ALWAYS use coconut oil. You can find brownie mixes that call for oil (betty crocker is great, as it calls for 2/3 cup of oil, which is enough to cook a half oz in).

    Look at my post on the recipe:


    enjoy it man, I have a pot cooking right now, only this time im cooking it for 2 days. (with breaks off heat in between)

  10. is this using a half oz of good shit or schwag?
  11. What do you think? Do you think it's a good idea to heat something on low for days, or heat something on high for 5 minutes.

    My guide says to do it in 5 minutes. This will make you the highest. Forget about sizzling on low for a month, lawl.

    And what's the most potent edible food? Easy, cannabutter straight with whatever youre eating for lunch.
  12. what i do for my canabutter is first heat my butter on low till it melts down and gets the white foam on top then scrap the white foam off discarding it untill the butter produces no more foam thats 100% butter fat then add my weeds and cook it till u smell the weed now u can leave it in there or take the weeeds back out choice is yours u stilll have maybe a lil thc in the weed but not alot i take it out and use the canabutter anywhere it calls for butter or just brush it on my baked goods if u take the weed out strain it thru cheesecloth or a fine strainer u can also dump it in warm water the weed will float to the top and u can spoon it back off throw the water in the frige the butter will float to the top and harden the thc is suspended in the butterfat and its compleatly tasteless i get my mother in law tore up now and then off my brownies shhhhhh she would die if she knew lmao i bake all the time ive got a bunch of recipes
  13. Closetgrowman, I like that method of removing the oil from spent cannabis flowers by soaking in water. Nice.

    I just eat it though.
  14. its orderless and tasteless its great for medicating my mom and my mother in laws arthritis haha just make sure the water is nice and warm or ur butter will harden oh and i have a great recipe for tincture for the weed that i take back outta canabutter lol its very potent

  15. a gram in each cookie wow yep that will certainly do the trick i use about a half oz in a big batch of brownies and thats enouf to do the trick with one brownie yeilds about 14 of em i save a lil canabutter to based em too it goes alot further if the thc is rendered in fat u could use half that in 14 cookies and still have good cookies if ur weed is any good

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