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Most Potent bowl ever?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Resinluv420, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Ok, so Im smoking some Legit Pineapple express from a socal med store. I put black venom hash oil in the middle and put kief on the top. Im not sure how much more of a potent bowl this can be. I think this is the most potent bowl ever and id love for someone to prove me wrong. Ill be hitting this bowl right now as im waiting for your replys, so reply if you read this you lazy pot smoker haha!
  2. im just jealous... *drools*
  3. This summer I'm going to be smoking Pineapple Express like no other.

  4. ummmmmmmmm

    pics or it did't happen


    :D :smoke:

    Edit:srsly though for real
  5. LMAO. Must have fucked him up reallll good if he didn't come back!
  6. A bowlful of budder.
  7. I would like to know the genetics of said "pineapple express"
  8. i dont think the dude made it. lets have a moment of silence

  9. cause it didnt exist til after the movie? or atleast i had never heard of it prior to such film..
  10. yeah i don't think the straind "pineapple express" actually exists i think dealers that sell "pineapple express" are just labeling generic heads
  11. Sounds like a killer bowl. I'm pretty sure Pineapple Express isn't a standardized strain, there are probably just growers making their own crossbreeds and naming it that.
  12. Any strain called "Pineapple Express" is just random weed that someone slapped the name onto, because Seth Rogen himself said he just made up the name for the movie.
  13. It's a shame no one thought of that name before the movie. It just sounds sweet...

    Once I start growing, I'm gonna try some breeding (my buddy taught me how to cross pollenate and only get like 5-10 feminised seeds per big bud) and try to get either a really fruity smelling/ tasting bud or something with pineapple colors haha.
  14. damn sounds bomb im jealous, but you'll be jealous of me me im making some bud cookies right now while you're replying to this :D
  15. pics or it didnt happen my good sir
  16. they still come up with new buds from cross breeding plants and shit and they can name it whatever they want... so someone came up with a plant and decided to name it pineapple express... i would expect something from a med store to have a bit more legit-ness to their names as opposed to some neighborhood dealer on the streets like you guys are implying... and im fuckin stoned right now haha
  17. dank man, you got the triple threat going. me and some buddies did that with some no name danks, hash oil, and kief in this homemade bub-roller we made with a broken glass blunt as the bowl. worked as a massive onie and one is all we needed to get blazed

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