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most pointless poll ever

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 26, 2003.


where do you go?

  1. [url]www.grasscity.com[/url]

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  2. forum.grasscity.com

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  1. when you're trying to get here do you type www.grasscity.com and then click on forum at the top or do you just type forum.grasscity.com

    I am a man of the latter- it's easier.
  2. i dont know if ive visited the main page since i first found the site. oh and i dont type either- ive got the forums bookmarked.
  3. i have bookmarked the direct forum.tadada link.

    but I would give to friends grasscity.com, so they pass by the main page.
  4. I have my user info as my home page...that way I know who's on before I begin :D
  5. I actually just type for and press the down key then enter because it's in the addy bar

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