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Most people are new souls.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by MrVoorhees, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Sorry man, there is no such things as souls or anything like that. The reason why we have more mental disorders and the such is because of environmental/food toxins that make it harder for the brain to function correctly.
  2. Key word there is function. Without the soul, we do not function.

  3. Well, scientifically speaking there is no such thing as a "soul", that would be the brain. I think I'm done here, though.
  4. And what makes your brain? DNA.. if you want to go the rational route, I think DNA is the soul.
  5. I feel like my soul is the me that's been here since I've been alive. If I existed in a different realm or something and have forgotten, then that's how it should be. I've always felt the same "age" but a different "mileage" Like, my body is the mileage piling on, or aging with the perception of time. But my soul "age" has been relatively the same since i've been around. Slowly learning and progressing forward. If I die and nothing happens, turn into earth nutrients and my entire experience evaporates into thin air, only leaving a small paper trail of my memory... then so be it. Fuck it.

    While I'm here I'm going to do my best to touch people around me and one day help society and the human civilization move forward.

    Some day. Some day soon. :smoke:
  6. This idea reminds me of scientology.
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    Scientology has given this type of thing a bad wrap
  8. Eh this isn't necessarily would make more sense that right now on earth more people than not are old souls who came back from higher dimensions to help lift the vibration of earth in this shift. Also, there are a lot from the times of Atlantis who stayed on earth through everything and even though they lost their memory, they are still very old and advanced souls who are about to regain their full consciousness.
  9. Yeah but you never know. Just remember you're [insert current real name here] live in this legacy and build upon it.

    I'm from Hy-Brasil ;)

    Or a Reincarnation of Hitler

    Or Plato.

    But we're all one so technically we all are. Spiritual Warriors of the human race.
  10. Exactly. We are one. We are all.

  11. Think whatever helps you get to where you want :)

    It is a part of our ego's to do such. :smoke:

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