Most peaceful high?

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  1. It is a beautiful day out. and I did a few bowls of this bomb weed I'm gettin. its called white rhino. but today was the most peaceful day I've had smokin in a while. I sat down in my backyard. listening to a great song. and I felt truly great.
    what about you guys?
  2. lucky. i got my pipe and some bud but my dads sleeping downstairs today so i dont wanna get high and have him wake up while im still baked. im super sleepy though probly be going to bed soon...
  3. :hippie:I've only had white rhino once and it was great
  4. yea bruh white rhino is some amazing indica my rents are at a party so im prolly gonnna blaze up soon on my backporch and think about life
  5. With my boys just listening to some good ass music we all enjoy
  6. ahh white rhino is some shit.
    if you burrn that shit solo check out this song to blaze to.
    [ame=]YouTube - Fredro Starr - What If[/ame]
  7. oh man, the white rhino kicked my ass. Idk about you guys, but I kind of enjoy toking alone. don't get me wrong.. I love partying and smokin friends. but smoking alone is really peaceful and relaxing. especially if you have some HELLA dank weed
  8. im feelin nice :)

    its thunderstorming here and has been for a few days. im on kratom, in a fluffy bed, watching movies, and about to burn a beautiful joint. im blessed everyday, but today is smooth sailin. hope everyone else is feeling fine!
  9. nah im good dawg
  10. Most peacful high would have to be when me and my friend rode our bikes up and down the street right after it had rained and the sun was out. Was beautiful and felt so, so good.
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  12. The most peaceful high ive ever had was actually when i had white rhino me and my two friends hotboxed my friends shed and we listened to Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and Slightly Stoopid at twelve at night then we went inside and watched Dude Wheres my Car and ate cheesesteaks.

  13. Sick song thanks for sharing. :)
  14. well my most peaceful high was when i was swimming in the river with my mates and the water was clear an you can see all the fish and turtles and whatnot. the bottom of the river is sandstone and you can walk up it and we just walked up the river for a good four hours looking at the fish and water birds and shit, so fucking relax. Australia kicks ass
  15. white rhino:hello:

    my most peaceful highs are deffinitely when I'm outside on a beautiful day.
  16. hmm...
    i was with my best friend of
    6 years,
    we had just got some bombb ass green crack.
    we rolled a 1.2 jay,
    and since i live in the bay,
    we went to some spot at night time,
    hella in the cutties,
    with a great view of the bay,
    sparked that shit and prior
    we had taken two lawn chairs with us to post
    up with.
    and the greatest part was,
    this kid always says verses from rap songs,
    kinda gets annoying,
    but whatev.
    but he started to,
    and i started doing clean ass flowing verses.
    mind you,
    i play guitar in a post/hardcore band.
  17. the only thing that rhymed was bay ... with bay
  18. My parents live in a suburban wooded area which is a really beautiful place to live. I had a highschool friend who lived down the street from my parents house, and I remember every evening when I had to go home I would always be high and walking down that street to my parents house always seemed so peaceful to me because it felt like home
  19. My most peaceful high is smoking a bowl in Giant City State Park, ontop of this. [​IMG]
  20. the most peaceful high i can remember was at a friends house, smoked afew spliffs between us (4/5 of us) and chilled out on her bed and watched family guy. then we went somewhere else to smoke again :smoking:

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