Most paranormal things while sleeping are easily explained.

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  1. Just because they don't know why we don't have hallucinations during REM sleep, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just google "sleep paralysis". You will find many stories of people claiming they had someone "sitting on their chest" unable to move or breathe. And some websites explain it better.
  2. I broke through sleep paralysis quite a few times and flew threw my ceiling, then into the cosmos.

    Astral projection is some cool shit guys
  3. it's actually happened to me twice this summer... for the first time ever

    the first time was pretty scary, I definitely got the whole "multiple people standing and watching me" feeling but it went away almost instantly when I could move again

    the weirdest part is being wide awake afterwards at like 4 am
  4. Idk main. Ghosts have always interested me. I felt like one of my old houses was haunted. One night I passes out on the couch and during the middle of the night I was woken up by someone opening the fridge. But there was no light coming from the kitchen. I clearly heard someone grab a glass pour something to drink and heard the empty glass hit the counter. The next morning there was a empty glass with a little bit of orange juice still around the bottom. No one said they got up to drink it. I know someone could have sleep walked but that's never happened before and why was there no light? And this was before I started blazing so I know I wasn't just tripping.

    My girlfriend also currently has a spirit in her room. She sees it often and it has woken her up by making a 'pssst' 'psssst' noise like to get her attention. And it got more active after I spent 5 days there. It never bothered me but she has curtains in her room and I nailed one up into the ceiling and it still came down. No matter what I did it would come down. Her lights start flickering at 3am her laptop has turned off right at 3am while being plugged into the wall.... Idk man crazy shit.
  5. when I was 15, I experienced this while in bed at night, but I was awake !!!! I just couldnt open my eyes, and it felt like something in my brain freezed and couldnt move my body and the radio, what was on really low level playing, went loud as fuck, it lasted only like 10 seconds though, I thought I was going to die.... later I read that its the first stage of human soul leaving the body....

  6. No you don't, it sucks. It used to happen to me when I was younger. Waking up, not being able to move, talk, or breath is scary. Especially when you are mentally aware of whats going on.
  7. [quote name='"401s Freshest"']

    No you don't, it sucks. It used to happen to me when I was younger. Waking up, not being able to move, talk, or breath is scary. Especially when you are mentally aware of whats going on.[/quote]


    It happens to me sometimes and even though I know its sleep paralysis you can't not freak the fuck out. Its like terror taking over your whole body and crushing you.
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    Couple weeks ago I had a dream and saw this man with no face standing over me with his finger over my face. He told me to be quiet, but I said fuck this and tried to punch his face. I couldnt get up and felt paralyzed. The thing about this dream was it felt vividly real. I couldn't even tell dream from reality that night.
  9. Once when I was like five, I woke up naked and my clothes were in the hallway. And another time, I woke up but my head was where my feet should have been. Fuckin' ghosts and shit.

  10. Oh, you too?
  11. I actually had sleep paralysis last week. I "dreamed while awake" I was making out with a demon and then the demon got mad and decided to punish me... I learned about sleep paralysis 24 hours after that so I got pretty scared haha
  12. Yea, it's happend to me a time or two.
    You wake up completley numb, like your whole body is asleep, and your paranoid as hell, and the shadows looked like grim reapers and witches.
    I was still awake though and instantly told myself that this was sleep paralysis, a second or 2 after my endogenous body stone lifted and i turned around to make sure the room was clear and all that shit.
    Scared me a little lol
  13. Lucid dreaming is the greatest. Too bad it leaves you so tired mentally when you wake up, otherwise I would try to do it every night.

    The times I have lucid dreamed though. I always bring myself back to when I was a kid in the late '90s and the early '00s, before social media, iphones, terrorism, all that bullshit that makes life sucky now. I would hang out with friends I haven't seen in years and just walk around town on a warm breezy day while the sun slowly moves over us. Just like how it used to be. Before the Empire.

    All jokes aside though, it's really some heartwarming shit.
  14. a friend suffers from pretty bad sleep paralysis, he often wakes unable to move with an old woman sitting at the end of the bed. fuck that.
  15. I feel you on this one my man. haha it's kind of funny to see you making a serious post because you usually joke around a lot here.

    not saying it's a bad thing :smoke:
  16. Yeah, man. It's seriously some crazy shit. I could feel Satan's burning hot rod tickling my doo doo hole.:eek:

    That sounds pretty kinky, but it wasn't. Oh no. No no no.
  17. No I wishh I could have it. I wish I could at least dream but i usually smoke weed to help me sleep and I've heard it puts you in like a less deep sleep so you don't dream or you just forget really easy.
  18. Sometimes I wake up to violent contortions with my head spinning 360* and vomiting pea soup.
  19. I've had only one negative sleep paralysis experience that occurred a couple weeks ago. I came to awareness in my bed at approximately 3 a.m. I could hear the neural sound of my brain you can always hear when it's quiet or when you plug your ears. That sound began to escalate into a roaring sound and what felt like electrical impulses pulsed my brain, and I thought I was slipping into a seizure (never had one). I tried to scream for help and couldn't make a sound. Unnerving experience to say the least.

    I've had another 'paranormal' sleep experience that didn't involve paralysis, but still very strange. I was in my room meditating in my bed with the house to myself. I kinda gave up on my meditative session after getting frustrated and tried to just roll over an go to sleep. I began to hear voices coming from the living room so I assumed the TV was on maybe somebody came home while I was sleeping. I heard footsteps walk through the living room down the hall to my door, thud thud thud, open my door, wooosh, walk straight to me, Bend to my face, kiss me once on the forehead, then my left cheek , and my right cheek, just as I opened my eyes and no one was there.
    ^this one sounds creepier but I had no negative vibes during it at all
  20. i wake up in another dimension where some chick talks to me.

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