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  1. ok, what band do yall think is way overrated? i know people are gonna yell at me for this, but led zeppelen (spelling not good) just doesnt appeal to me that much.....your opinions?
  2. I think Led Zeppelin was easily one of the top bands of the last century.

    I'm not going to agrue opinion, some people don't enjoy it. I get it

    It was a revolutionary style and to this day, one of the most unique and unrepeatable sounds out there.

    They're over-played and over-worshipped but mass appeal shouldn't dictate the sound and musical value of the band.

    Kiss is one of the most over-rated bands in my opinion. Probably due to their rabid selling out and merchandization.
  3. Led Zeppelin just gets called over rated because of stairway. Though I love this band I would have to say The Beatles. They have are not very good at playing their instruments and pretty much only had 3 chords in all there songs.
  4. Coldplay = Elevator Music
  5. U2-they piss me off even though bono is helping little starving armenians.
  6. obviously you dont play guitar or you just fake the real chords.the beatles songs had structure and texures that explored the avant garde of their era.
  7. Yeah dude, Beatles are definitely more complex than most people think.

    Gotta agree with Coldplay, they suck.

    my picks:

    Jack Johnson
    Dave Matthews Band
    Coheed and Cambria

    So many more...
  8. Deffinatly U2 man.
    and whos that new little fuck with the banjo ripping hard off dylan?
  9. I'm going to go with that fucking Nickleback band, gah..i hate them.
  10. i'm going to go with Him and Mars volta.
  11. i agree with every band on the this thread except led zep. mainstreaming of led zep will never degrade their awesomeness.

    hmm radiohead is a little overrated by their cult following, widespread is good but not GREAT like everyone thinks they are.
  12. ^^mars volta is in no way underrated.

    FUCK NICKLEBACK! i hate this band. they play the worst music i have ever heard in my entire life.

    nirvana is incredibly over-rated.

    led zeppelin wasn't a band, it was a musical powerhouse. while most bands have a stand out star, all 4 members each had his own command over his instrument, whether jimmy was writing and playing beautiful acoustic songs, robbert was moaning and screaming in perfect harmony, john bonham with his deafening bass drum and incredible tempo, and john paul jones tearing up bass and adding beaufitul mandolin to jimmy's acoustic masterpieces.

    i love zeppelin.
  13. you know how i know your gay? You listen to coldplay
  14. yes HIM sucks
  15. Jack Johnson- if I ever get dragged to a Jack Johnson gig I'm taking a book.

    The fucking STROKES.


    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  16. Any band that i dont listen to that other people consider good ;)
  17. Bright Eyes along with Conor O' bob dylan? Yea right.

    Led Zeppelin and the Beatles have reasons for their popularity, it's sad though that saying "I love the Beatles" has become such a cliche due to the droning teenybopper pre-pubescent girls wearing yellow submarine shirts.

    :( /rant.
  18. Rush... I can't stand that high ass voice.

    And although Nirvana is overrated their music was revolutionary. They started the whole grunge movement. They just can't play guitar or sing all that well lol.

    Anything emo. All the 'I live in the suburbs and am pissed cause i can't ride my skateboard on the sidewalk' bullshit has to go.
  19. Nirvana, Nickelback, Jet, Rush, and finally Sublime. I know quite a few people really love sublime but my local radio stations play them to death, along with just about everyone I know constantly playing them...I just grew up getting sick off of hearing their music.

  20. All I have to say is Rush is underrated if anything.

    Nirvana is very over rated, and they were not the only members of the seattle grunge movement.

    I dont even think emo is rated except by people that listen to it. everyone else just makes fun of them.

    and to whoever said Red Hot Chili Peppers, your crazy. I will agree their new music is going downhill, just listen to any of the following songs and you will see that they deserve all the respect they get.

    Give it Away
    Suck My Kiss
    Parallel Universe
    Higher Ground
    Road Trippin
    Save the Population

    among others.

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