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Most Orgasmic Blunt

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nugget, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Whats your blunt of choice? Personally I enjoy a peach White Out....
  2. WHAT!

    Sorry, i'm lost here.
  3. i was exptecting to see one sexy blunt on this thread.. im dissapointed...
  4. i was hoping it would catch your attention.. You played right into my hands HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  5. lol, phillies of course, theyre just so easy to roll
  6. Vanilla Dutch..mmmmm
  7. Any blunt is good for me.
  8. Vanilla Dutch or Strawberry White Owl
  9. obviously a Garcia y Vega
  10. sour apple and blueberry wraps are king.
  11. I usually just use phillies. Sour Apple and Honey are good. My friend Stacy like Chocolate. You can get phillies titan blunts (much bigger) in strawberry daquiri. And blunt wraps are for cheaters. I've used them twice and it's just like rolling a big joint, not a blunt.
  12. Plus they suck and they burn a shit load faster.
  13. Philies Strawberry Blunts! ....Peach is alright too...
  14. "blunt wraps are for cheaters. I've used them twice and it's just like rolling a big joint"

    oi think a regular cigar is easier to roll with, really.. lately i've been smoking a lot of wraps (black cherry is my favorite) and strawberry white owls

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