most nostalgic smoking memory

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    mine was when i was like 13,i met my weed dealer down the street from my house and he sold me a sack for 10$ of some decent regs(35 an 8th i still remember!).it was just a badass rainy night and it was back when i had to hide it from my parents and it was just really sweet i dont know why.everybody should tell their story.
  2. that was just one of many.i could go on and on and on and on:)
  3. I Remember when a buddy of mine and me took like 1-2 caps and then went into the city where we lived and smoked a bowl and just sat there and talked about life and chilled one of the best days of my life it was warm out just enough of a high to make things streak and just talking with your dude.

    Twas a good time
  4. i know theres some good stories out there...
  5. wrong section dude and you dont need to bump your shit if it sucks it sucks
  6. Mine would be when me and my buddies went on a 10 mile hike blazed as shit on a beautiful day in the mountains. Then at the end we climbed up the side of a waterfall which is also probably the scariest moment of my life and it was extremely physically demanding. You would climb like 5 feet just to slide 3 feet back down it took a long time and a lot of close calls. Specially because i was the one with our pack with all our stuff on a good 20 extra pounds. when we got to the top we were exhausted but it was all worth the view was beautiful and we pulled out our joints we had rolled before the climb and all lit up. Ill never forget it but hopefully me and my friends will be going backpacking out west this summer so there maybe more good memories to come before we all go our seperate ways in life:(.
  7. tonight i went back to my old apartment and smoked with my old roommate in his room which was set up the exact same way, there were people there that were the same people whom i had smoked with before. it was like deja vu but not creepy...awesome.
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  9. Me, my brother and two buddies was at a friend's house. We were in the dining room and it was probably the first time we had really good weed. We smoked bowl after bowl after bowl. Can't remember how many we really smoked, might have just been two or three but felt like we had smoked an endless amount of weed. Were we listening to Sublime's self titled cd and one of my friends was like, "Dude, is this the same song? Its been on forever." It was 'Pawnshop'... That smoking session for some reason always sticks out in my head whenever I think back at past times smoking with friends...
  10. Getting so fucking high that I sat over in the corner of a room munching on chips, guacamole, salsa and peanut butter while laughing at nothing in particular.
  11. blazin on the beach with my best friend, the first month we started smoking. It was october, so the temperature was always perfect - nothing like a new england beach in october

  12. hell yeah! thats what im talking about.

  13. I know exactly what you mean its so peaceful smoking on a beach.

    I cant pinpoint my most nostalgic memory but one of my favorite memories was when I showed up halfway through a smokeout my friends were doing on 420. There was like 5 kids there each with a halfy of haze and I brought 2 cases of beer so they let me smoke blunts with them untill they had no weed left. I obviously dont remember how many blunts I smoked but I had to have gotten smoked up on atleast ten fat haze blunts all for free.
  14. Eating a brownie about 2 hours before I left on jetplane for the Carribbean; Spring Break in college. Was sooo high off my ass for a good 4 hours. I was startin to trip out on the plane a little bit. Bad ass experience none-the-less. I remember throwing the iPod on and listening to Dylan for hours with this shitty grin on my face, utterly baked.
  15. When I was in high school, I had an epic rivalry with this kid over me dating his little sister. We almost fought at least 5 times. After I graduated, I went back to prom with my girlfriend and the kid was there. So me, my girl, and one of ther person are smoking a blunt outside before we walk in. And he walks over. I thought he was going to challenge me to a dual, but instead he gets in on the blunt and we have been friends ever since. It was just cool to me that me and my arch nemisis burried the hatchet over a blunt.
  16. probly the best moment ive had was i was in the woods, lit up a bowl and drove back to my house on my tractor.
    it was summer, so birds were singing and stuff.
    i mowed the lawn and i had big noisecanceling headphones on, and i was listening to trance.
    oh my god was it spectacular.
    the engine on the lawnmower was pulsing with the music, it was just such a great experience

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