Most non-conventional place you had sex

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  1. I'll start: Middle school baseball dugout.
  2. Hospital room with an old lady as the out patient in the next section of the room over. She had restless leg syndrome and my girl had diverticulitis. Had to smash the cakes while old snake legs kept wriggling next curtain over.
  3. haha did this at my high school

    id say my weirdest place was in the middle of the desert between the movie theatres and my high school.

    its funny cuz when we were doing it we thought we were far enough so people who drove by couldnt see us we were soooo wrong hahahahaha
  4. Behind an ice skating rink in the pitch black dark of night. Was sketch as fuck:smoking::devious:
  5. Bahahah. You said old snake legs. Classic.

    Anyway, in a car at a mall. Yum. Nothing like young love that can't wait.
  6. in a car down an alley behind cluck n' bell
  7. [quote name='"jimbobbybob"']in a car down an alley behind cluck n' bell[/quote]

    You buster CJ
  8. In the forest.

    On my grandma's couch while no one was home. (Needed some fabric cleaner for that one)

    In the Long Island Sound
  9. Oh this car talk brings me back...

    Memories of middle school parking lot.. and the shaggin wagon I had :)
  10. Once had an orgy in a barn attic, that was freshman year haha
  11. Middle of baseball field in broad daylight (semi secluded)
    On the toilet
    Side of a building
  12. More of a situation than place but...on a cabin floor in pitch dark with her mother passed out on the fold out bed right there...hah
  13. in a car in front of kmart and in front of a children's events club

    most humidity ever
  14. In da hoes ass
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    Your closet

    But seriously, when I was 15, I snuck out my house and took my parents car. I then drove my girlfriend to mcdonalds super late at night to eat... We then had sex in the pretty much empty mcD parking lot. During the sex, she looks up and see some creepy dude in a white van staring at us. I get up to see him and he fucking waves at me!! I panic and jump in the front seat butt naked and drive off.... Good times :smoke:
  16. my imagination. :cry:
  17. Ive fucked on a roof before:p
  18. Elementary school basketball courts...
  19. I forgot I gave a blowjob in the woods. I felt like such a whore afterwards
  20. on the green at a golf course during the day. shit was so soft

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