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most miserable day ever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by conway bong 768, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. today is monday,last night i went to the hospital bcuz i couldnt breath well at all,i was hacking like no other. they gave me abultral treatments which helped alot,i feel much better now.the cause was an asthma attack and it was smoke not sure if it was i smoked to much pot or if it was the few cigerettes i had everyday.anyway,me and my mom agreed that i should take it easy on pot until like friday {ive decided and im sure she has to no cigs 4 life}. so yeah,this sucks ass. thoughts? comments? i am feeling better,but i can still tell the difference in my breathin,should i smoke anyway?
  2. Maybe just give it a while and see how your chest goes.

    If your still desperate to get stoned, you could always eat it.
  3. I would think it's more from the cigs. Marijuana usually helps people with asthma, due to the fact that it will open up your airway..
  4. dude,are you serious???where can i find information on that

  5. More than 15 million Americans are affected by asthma. Smoking cannabis (The "raw drug" as the AMA called it) would be beneficial for 80% of them and add 30-60 million person-years in the aggregate of extended life to current asthmatics over presently legal toxic medicines such as the Theophylline prescribed to children.
    "Taking a hit of marijuana has been known to stop a full blown asthma attack." (Personal communication with Dr. Donald Tashkin, December 12, 1989 and December 1, 1997.) The use of cannabis for asthmatics goes back thousands of years in literature. American doctors of the last century wrote glowing reports in medical papers that asthma sufferers of the world would "bless" Indian hemp (cannabis) all their lives.
    Today, of the 16 million American asthma sufferers, only those living in California, Arizona and Nevada, with a doctor's recommendation can legally grow and use cannabis medicines, even though it is generally the most effective treatment for asthma

    Try here:

    And here:

    And here:

  6. I think your right.
  7. thank you all i am so greatful

  8. You're more than welcome. Just pass along the knowledge that you gather here. :)
  9. Cannabis smoking is obviously inappropriate for treatment of asthma due to the irritant effects of the smoke, however The House of Lords acknowledged that cannabinoids seemed to work as effectively as conventional asthma drug treatments.

    that was found on the third link someone posted,what do you guys think,should i toke today?

  10. If you're honestly that worried about it, ask your family doctor. He/She should be willing to explain the effects. Or run a search on Norml's website..
  11. i used to have terrible ashtma, reactive ashthma at that, smoking pot never seemed to harm me, infact, the end of the bad effects of my asthma including trouble breathing and my taking up of my marijuana habit were within 6 months of each other, coincedence?? who cares?! weed is good!
  12. this was all soooo helpful and now i've decided i'm going to toke up,but if it effects me i'll stop.Stoners are the greatest people.Truely.
  13. I'm glad you decided to toke up, enjoy the herb :)
  14. Enjoy your herb my friend. And let us know how it feels when you smoke. I'm betting it will help with the asthma...
  15. hey all,yeah i got mad baked today,it was fine,it was as if i was normal smoking weed,like it wasnt any different from when im completly normal breathing
  16. Glad to hear ya that things went ok for ya. :D
    Don't ya feel better? Lol

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