Most mind blowing thing you've seen/witnessed while blazed?

Discussion in 'General' started by emdyeks, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. I am curious if anyone has seen some ridicolous things by chance when high, like a tornado or something like that. I have never seen a tornado in person before in my entire life and I think seeing one at a safe distance while blazed would be quite the experience.
  2. I've seen a few fights at parties stoned.. those are pretty good to watch. Fireworks are good too.
  3. There have been a lot. One that comes to the forefront of my mind is last years Oklahoma vs Boise St in the Fiesta Bowl. Let's put it like this, it is the best game I have ever seen in my life. I just remember sitting in my chair and being absolutely blown away. Improbable comback after improbable comeback, it was a HELL of a game.

    The first 15 minutes of the original Dawn of the Dead is an absolute mind fuck when you're stoned.
  4. Saw a UFO, up close, for about 5 minutes.
    (Note: We were ALWAYS stoned back then)
  5. I saw a dude jump over the roof of a car, straight hurtle over it, craziest thing ever dude.
  6. I got to go whale watching when i was in LA, they really are amazing animals to see up close.
  7. my older brother running from the cops while i was looking out the window, super stoned...

    i look, see him bookin it, sliding over car hoods, through backyards...shit was intense...he came back home later, free

    another good one

    once, i had just smoked a very large marijuana laced cigar (heh heh heh i love government terms), and i walked by a dude working on an ATM...

    well obviously he fucked it up, cause it spewed money like tons of twentys everywhere...if this wasnt the closest gas station, and an ex employer, i woulda grabbed handfuls and ran peace

    last one

    i saw a dude duff it on one of those super fast suzuki (hyabusa or someshit), he was flyin too, gets up, asks for a lift to his bike, walks over fine...i made small talk with him until i got to his bike...apparently hes been riding for years...dude had like one missing pinky, dental implants, scars...
  8. Well these two times wern't really mind-blowing but were extremly weird since i was competly blazed each time and i had never seen these things before. First one I was at Paradiso for some sorta birthday thing and im sitting there completly zoned out and all of the sudden this homeless women comes outta no where and sits right in front of me and starts talking to me. She had like huge long blonde dread-locks and well was extremly I guess a friend of mine had picked her and her friends up on the highway on his way there.
    The other time I was high again with my friends and we saw a group of omish people. I mean like the straight up stereotypical Omish people. The dad had a huge hat on and a massive beard and you could tell that all of their clothes were hand sewed. Idk why it was so trippy probably just because I was high and had never seen Omish people before.
  9. The police giving me back my bong after searching the car and getting all our info. Then [The Cops] telling me that marijuana shouldn't be illegal anyways.
  10. We drove from Jersey, to California. We smoked an oz of Sour Diesel between myself and 3 friends. Ended up staying there for 2 weeks. This was in June...

    We drove with:

    A sheet of acid.
    a 1/2 oz of coke.
    2 bottles of Tequila.
    1 pound of good ol' maryjane.
    4 oz's of shrooms....

    That was a fun trip. We NEVER get pulled over or anything. Yet, I smoke in a parked car in a old people's home, and we get busted... Karma's a bitch sometimes, haha.

  11. Sounds like another version of "Fear and Loathing"

  12. Sorry dude, doesn't sound very believable. Even cops who don't think it SHOULD be illegal will arrest because it IS illegal and they gotta meet a quota.

  13. Its decriminalized in California, so yes its true. Besides they didn't find any weed. I haven't heard of anyone around here getting arrested for just paraphanelia. (unless it wasn't marijuana related)

    Hence the reason I posted this. It was mindblowing to me when it happened.

  14. Ahhh, well if its cali I suppose you might be telling the truth indeed. I apologize for doubting you, but someone has to do it.
  15. A car crash beside a Taco Bell in one of the busiest intersections in my city, only two blocks away from my house.
    Not sure what happened really, somehow a small car rammed into the side of a U-HAUL trailer.

    Just a really trippy thing to hear and see.
    "Screeeeeeeeeeeeech, CRASHHHHHHH"
    Followed by a car horn blaring as the driver either died or was knocked unconscious and laying face-forward on the horn.

    Then seeing a ton of people race out of their cars and dialing 911 on their cellphones while trying to keep the woman conscious.
    After all of which a barrage of sirens from various emergency vehicles literally whipped down 3 of the 4 roads of the intersection.
  16. ive had a bowl given back to me...but he told me "i made sure it was tobacco resin"

  17. Haha I know dude, That's what EVERYONE says. My mom calls me while im rolling, and its 3 days later ( We were in Vegas or some shit)

    Mom: Where are you?

    Me: Umm, Out with Justin and the guys...

    Mom: But where?

    Me: Umm... We're kinda in las vegas...

    Mom: Hahaha, you're a funny kid Joe. But really....-

    Me: No really, we're out here tripping balls.

    Mom: You're an idiot :: click ::
  18. one time we were in the middle of smokin a blunt ridin through a neighborhood, and this little girl came bookin down this driveway that was behind trees and ran right into the front of my car as i was comin to a screeching hault haha, n she was layin on the hood of my car lookin at me n my friend, we looked at her, looked at each other, looked at her again, n then the parents that were down the street were like "its ok we saw what happened u can go", crazy

    n then a couple weeks ago i was smokin a blunt drivin down these backroads n there were sheep runnin down the road in front of my car, n i like hearded em down the road for probably 5 minutes until they ran off into a field haha, it was pretty awesome cuz i was technically a sheep herder for a short time
  19. That sounds like an awesome trip. I have always wanted to do something like that.

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