Most Memorable Smoking Experience

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Michael, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. What is it?
  2. Getting black out, afraid to take the stairs high.
  3. The third or fourth time I ever smoked when I got high for the first time. It was great
  4. My friend whose dad put him in rehab came over and wanted to smoke while my family where at my house . I said no and that I had a bad feeling if we did and he said he's going to a rehabilitation place in Texas and is suppose to pack for 2 weeks so he won't get tested for anything until he gets to Texas . I say "dude , everyone's here and I got a bad feeling" he had the audacity to tell me I was sketching out and to stop being a lil girl . So I say fuck it whatever he starts smoking in my room blowing smoke out the window and before I could even take a hit I hear someone say "what's that smell" . Then all of the sudden my mom opens my door looking pissed off asking why it smelled like weed in here (my room) . I was in shock because I knew this shit was going to happen but didn't know what to do . So all of the sudden my friend who was calling me sketch and a lil girl stands up and says . "I wasn't smoking pot , I was smoking cigarets !" He shows my mom the cigaret pack and says his dad lets him smoke . My mom looks at me and says "it doesn't fucking smell like cigarettes in here" . I probably shouldn't have said this since my friend burned me out but I knew he was in rehab and thought he would get in trouble way more than me if someone found out he was smoking weed . So I say "yeah mom , I was smoking" . I get yelled at and then my friend goes "damn dude , that sucked" . Yeah , so basically I got in trouble even though I didn't smoke >< not memorable in the sense it was awesome but memorable as in ill always remember that shit if he ever wants to do shit with me

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